Monday 28 August 2017

This Amazing Coffee Alternative Helps You Lose Weight and Fights Aging!

Thinking of giving up coffee, but afraid your body will miss the added — okay, supercharged — boost of energy? Fear, not! There are plenty of other ways for your body to receive its morning pick-me-up. One of our favorites? Matcha. Matcha is a special type of green tea that has been around for centuries and used in Asian cultures to heal, protect, energize, and more.
Ready to make the switch from coffee to matcha? We share all the reasons why, up ahead.

1. Matcha is naturally anti-aging

Matcha and lemon laid out on a table.
Freshly brewed Matcha will energize you all day long. | Martine Dee/iStock/Getty Images Plus
If you’re looking for a way to anti-age your skin from the inside out, look no further than ceremonial grade matcha. According to Matcha Source, one cup of matcha tea equals 10 cups of regular green tea — making it one of the most antioxidant-rich foods available. When it comes to anti-aging, antioxidants are a key player in ensuring your body doesn’t age prematurely. They single handedly protect the body from aging free radicals, pollution, and more.

2. It can help you lose weight

An iced matcha beverage being enjoyed outdoors.
Best of all, Matcha tastes amazing without sugar and whip. | Klahan/iStock/Getty Images Plus
Another reason to replace your coffee with matcha? It can actually burn calories. Thanks to its catechins and amino acids, the tea can boost your metabolism and, in turn, help you burn more calories, which will ultimately help you lose weight. And unlike many other metabolism boosters, matcha won’t increase your blood pressure or make your heart race.

3. It can prevent cancer

Chinese tea matcha on a black cloth.
Brew some Matcha the next time you feel a cold coming. | Rimma Bondarenko/iStock/Getty Images
Another bonus? Matcha contains catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), a type of antioxidant known for its cancer-fighting properties. And get this: Research has found that matcha contains more EGCg’s than any other type of tea in the world.

4. It can actually calm you

Green Matcha tea being mixed with a wooden brush.
Matcha powder being mixed on a table. | Sirichai Asawalapsakul/iStock/Getty Images
Another cool thing about matcha is, although its caffeine can make you more alert, it can also calm you. That’s because matcha is enriched with amino acid L-Theanine. This type of amino acid is specifically linked to promoting relaxation without the sleepiness that can occur in your “chilled out” state-of-mind.

5. It can help you focus

Woman yawning while is working on the phone at breakfast in a restaurant.
Coffee might be draining your energy. | Antonio Guillem/iStock/Getty Images
In addition to helping you stay calm, the L-Theanine found in matcha can also help increase dopamine and serotonin production. These chemicals — which the body produces naturally — can help improve things like your mood, memory, and concentration. So, unlike coffee — which can cause you to feel jittery and unfocused — matcha can give you a major energy boost while helping you keep your train of thought.

6. It is great on the immune system

A woman smiles while holding a white mug in her kitchen.
Prevent the sniffles with your morning tea. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images
Thanks to its antioxidants, match can be a great natural alternative to cold prevention. As we previously mentioned, matcha contains catechins, which can help defend the body against aggressors and may contain antibiotic properties, too. And that’s not all. In addition to catechin antioxidants, matcha also contains antioxidant-rich vitamins A and C, potassium, iron, and calcium. Needless to say, a cup of matcha a day keeps the doctor away.

7. It doesn’t give you that nausea-inducing caffeine jolt

Traditional Japanese green tea on a brown table.
Matcha will help you get energized … without the jitters. | Eugene03/iStock/Getty Images
Another benefit to drinking matcha vs. coffee is that — unlike coffee — matcha won’t give you that nausea-inducing caffeine jolt. Instead, the caffeine in matcha is more of a slow-release type of caffeine. Meaning, it will wake you up and keep you energized longer.

8. It helps fight that afternoon slump

A woman holds a Matcha latte.
The perfect mid-afternoon treat. | Pattanaphong Khuankaew/iStock/Getty Images
Speaking of caffeine … matcha can help fight that unwarranted afternoon slump, too. As we mentioned previously, the caffeine in matcha is more of a slow-release, so instead of giving you a jolt of energy first thing in the morning, it energizes your body responsibly, which helps to fight that afternoon slump.

9. It’s naturally detoxing

Matcha tea mix on a white table.
No need for a juice detox … just grab a cup of Matcha tea. | Louno M/iStock/Getty Images
Need another reason to make the switch? Matcha can detox your body naturally. A few weeks before the leaves are ready to be harvested and made into matcha powder, the plant is covered from sunlight. This helps to increase the production of chlorophyll and, in turn, give it its bright green color. But, that’s not all. In addition to brightening up the leave’s color, chlorophyll can naturally rid the body of toxins and heavy metals, too.

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