Some superfoods you probably eat already without realising their humble powers while others you might not have ever heard of – so which superfoods are tipped for the top in 2018?
Darren Beale of healthy-living food retailer, comments: “Every year we’re surprised by what new and exciting foods people are eating and it’s great to see that 2018 isn’t going to be an exception. We’re becoming much more adventurous with eating habits and we expect this to continue into the new year.”
From hypoallergenic flour to a meat you’d never expect to see on a superfood list, here are some of the healthiest foods to eat in 2018.

1. Cassava flour

OK, so you can’t eat it on its own but cassava flour has some amazing benefits – it has hypoallergenic properties and is perfect for plant-based diets.

2. Super powders

They’ve been on the fringes for some time but 2018 is the year that so-called super powders – think turmeric, matcha and maca – are in the spotlight. Cacao is included in that list too, so be inventive in ways you can use them such as shakes and baking.

3. Maqui berries

Move over Goji berries – it’s all about Maqui berries this year.
These tasty little berries are low in sugar and have a much milder flavor than Goji or Acai berries.  They’re also crammed with anti-oxidants and are packed with vitamins. It’s even though they can help regulate blood sugar levels, so swap your biscuit for a handful of these when you’re craving a snack.

4. Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts
These small, raisin-like nuts are full of fibre, vegetable protein, potassium and prebiotics, known to help with digestion. They’re also a fantastic source of magnesium,  a natural muscle relaxant and an essential mineral for your body.

5. Nut oils

Just like nut butter, nut oils are tipped to replace more traditional cooking oils for a healthier and tastier alternative.
While coconut oils have been popular for a few years, other nut oils rising in popularity include hazelnut, walnut and cashew.

6. Nitrate-free bacon

It’s not the healthiest on the list but nitrate-free bacon – that is, bacon produced without nitrates which are believed to have a negative effect on our health - will be big. M&S are one of the first retailers to sell it, which is flavoured with natural fruit and spice extracts instead of being smoked. Great source of protein too.

7. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are becoming functional, so expect them to pop in unexpected places like coffee, tea, health drinks and beauty products.
Why? The modest mushroom is a great source of vitamin D, something many of us are deficient in, plus B-vitamins too.