Tuesday 9 January 2018

Five Shockingly Easy Tips for Getting (and Staying) Healthy!

Early January is always filled with a barrage of weight-loss and healthy-living resolutions. But completely reinventing one’s lifestyle for the New Year can be tough.
Check them out below:
1. Try using smaller plates. Studies show that using smaller plates reduces the amount of food one puts on a plate. This, in turn, reduces the amount of food consumed in one sitting and leads to eating fewer calories. Eating slowly will also help eaters feel less hungry and fuller for longer.

2. Take a walk — either alone or with a dog. Not only is walking good for bonding with a pooch, it can also help burn around 300 calories per hour depending on exercisers current weight and height. Plus, it’s been proven to help improve moods.
3. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Ever noticed that all the unhealthy processed foods lurk in the middle of the grocery store? Well if shoppers walk the perimeter more often — where the fruits, vegetables, and whole foods tend to be — they’ll skip a whole lot of junk from being dumped in their cart.
4. Keep healthy snacks out in the open. For visual people, like Boehlke, having foods like apples, bananas, and nuts in plain view makes one more likely to snack on them instead of the naughty things like chips and candy.

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