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Blue's the new green! Top new health trends for 2018 revealed!

Susan Griffin finds out from the experts...

Food for thought

Expert: Frida Harju-Westman, nutritionist at the Swedish-based health app Lifesum ( )
The return of carbs
This year I expect to see the return of carbohydrates in a big way. In recent years people have turned against them and we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of carb-free or low-carb diets, such as the ketogenic diet . But people are slowly increasing their carb intake.
Innovations in bread and pasta-making are providing people with an alternative, healthier versions of carbs, such as butternut squash spaghetti and cauliflower risotto.

Carbs will no longer be shunned by dieters over the coming year 

The rise of veganism
A growing number of people are eating less meat and turning towards veganism, vegetarianism or flexitarianism (when the meat’s occasionally eaten). In recent years the health and food industry has responded to this trend.
We can expect to see restaurants making serious changes and additions to their menus. The most recent restaurant to join the hype is Wagamama, which has introduced a new expanded vegan menu.
Cuisines taking centre stage

Korean food will be a hit with foodies thank to its health benefits

In 2018, Korean cuisine will step into the spotlight. Other Asian foods have grown in popularity in recent years, while Korean food has stayed in the shadows. However, growing interest in fermented foods such as kombucha, acclaimed for its health benefits, will ensure that in 2018 everyone is talking about Korean food.
The other cuisine that we can expect to see more of is Estonian, which is all about using fresh seasonal foods, whether that’s spruce shoots, pickled ramsons, blackcurrant leaves or grated pine cones.
Blue’s the new green

Blue lattes packed with protein will be served up in coffee shops 

We’ve seen the trend of green matcha lattes and yellow turmeric lattes and smoothies, however next year we can expect to see the popular colour become blue! Blue lattes and smoothies are a hot new trend in Australia, made famous by Matcha Mylkbar, a vegan-friendly coffee house, which uses live e3 blue algae to give drinks an icy-blue hue.
You can also get your blue matcha latte at London-based cafe Farm Girl. It packs a surprisingly high dose of protein and we can expect to see it being blended into nutritious smoothies and fun coloured lattes.
Superfood shrubs

While Middle Eastern shrub ashwagandha will be ground down and added to food and drink 

Something I think we can expect to see becoming very popular next year is ashwagandha, a shrub traditionally found in northern Africa, India, and the Middle East.
The root of the shrub can be ground down into powder form and then added to food and drinks.
This powder has many health benefits, such as helping to regulate the immune system, reduce fatigue and combat liver problems.
As we look for superfoods that can be easily incorporated into our diets, ashwagandha will likely become a popular choice.
Watch out for it being used in smoothies, teas, or sprinkled onto oatmeal.

Mindfulness and meditation will be included in spa treatments 

Expert: Caitlin Dalton, editor of the Good Spa Guide
Mindfulness massage
Spas have long talked about mental health. Some offer meditation classes and even mindful walks but we think brands will start to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their treatments too. Think massages starting or ending with yoga nidra, guided meditation or mindful breathing.
Don’t be surprised when your therapist asks you to ‘visualise your sacred space’.
Accessible health
Traditionally, spa retreats have been for the well-heeled – think Champneys or Ragdale Hall. In 2018, local spas will start running their own wellness retreats to feature fitness sessions, meditation, nutrition classes and spa treatments.
As they become popular, the price will get more accessible too and preventative health will be available to more than the privileged few.
Techy treatments
Machine-led treatments have been on the market since the 1960s but brands have launched, including new tech that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a spa. There are LED lights to plump and clear your skin, and even a virtual reality headset that will whisk you away to the beach as you relax into your treatment.
Sophisticated saunas
The humble sauna is a fixture in spas across the country but with a rush of newly-designed spas comes sauna rituals that will melt your composure come 2018. Your saunameister will use essential oils or fresh tree branches to infuse the air in the sauna and then move it around, creating high heats.
A Russian-style banya (fair warning: you may be lightly whipped with oak branches) might appeal for a private experience or go for a full-on Aufguss ritual with a group of friends for sauna hilarity.

New in health

VersaClimber classes will hit the UK, offering a fully body intense workout in minimal time

Expert: Zanna Van Dijk, fitness professional and personal trainer at
Climb yourself fit
VersaClimber classes are coming over from LA and taking London by storm and it’s easy to see why. VersaClimbers provide a full body intense workout in minimal time – most classes are 30 minutes long and leave you dripping in sweat. Plus they are low impact on your body which significantly reduces the risk of injury.
Feel the chill
Fitness isn’t just about working out, it’s about supporting recovery. New approaches to supporting how your body repairs after a tough workout are popping up from every angle.
The most popular form is cryotherapy where you surround your body with a -90C degree mist for one to three minutes, which reduces inflammation and supports cell renewal.
Take a gym class at home

Fitness fans will be able to do a class from the comfort of their home

Live streaming workouts. Everyone is getting busier and busier and finding time to get to the gym is becoming increasingly tough in our hectic lives. Enter the growth of virtual classes. The rise of Peloton, a virtual spin class in the US, suggests we may be picking up on this trend in the UK soon. A trainer will teach you, and many others who tune in, an at-home workout live to your living room! The ultimate convenience.
Short and sharp sessions will remain a hit

HIIT will still be popular among gym goers 

HIIT was huge in 2017 and it is set to stay at the forefront of the fitness industry in the new year. It focuses on short bursts of high intensity training followed by short periods of recovery. The challenging nature of this training means you can complete a workout in minimal time, perfect for our perpetually busy population.
Go public with your heart rate
More and more people are using tracking technology so it’s only natural that we take this to the next level in 2018.
Classes are popping up which focus on tracking your heart rate publicly with the participants’ results being published on a screen for others to see at the front of the class.
This isn’t for the faint-hearted, but those who are competitive will love the element of trying to one-up their classmates.
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Move over ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’, the new Scandi term for 2018 is ‘friluftsliv,’ which loosely means to embrace nature and the great outdoors. According to, the number of people planning to take health and wellbeing trips has doubled in a year and 56% of travellers are looking to go on walking and hiking breaks.
Enjoy imperfection
The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is going to be huge in 2018. It means enjoying the imperfections of life and will serve as a reminder to take a step back, relax and appreciate the simple things in all their crooked, frayed and wonky glory.
A welcome change from the unobtainable perfection promoted by social media.
Curb the drink
People are rethinking their drinking habits with numbers from the Office for National Statistics revealing a fifth of those under 25 are teetotal. Expect to see alcohol-free bars taking off and a greater selection of sophisticated booze-free options on the supermarket shelves as the Mindful Drinking Movement gathers pace.
Science of sleep

While new apps will help us track our sleep and get a more restful night 

We’re used to tracking our calorie intake and daily footsteps on our phone but focus is shifting to our shuteye with a raft of sleep apps available such as S+ by ResMed and Emfit QS. Sleep technology will also see the introduction of new smart masks such as the Sana Sleep Mask and cooling gadgets including the Kryo Sleep Performance System.
Workplace wellbeing
New research from global employee engagement company Reward Gateway has revealed wellbeing to be the number one employer priority so expect to see an increase in physical and mental initiatives, such as standing desks and healthy vending machines, and wellbeing programmes for employees.

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