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Herbs For Acne: Here's How You Can Treat Pimples The Natural Way!

Herbs For Acne: Here's How You Can Treat Pimples The Natural Way
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Acne is probably one of the most common problems faced by people these days. However, there are various underlying causes of acne that go unnoticed. Some types of acne are caused due to certain conditions and some as side-effects of various medications as well. Natural ways of treating skin problems have been used since ages, especially in India.
Herbs have shown miraculous effects on acne. Getting rid of acne using herbs is one of the most natural ways. Here are a few herbs that can help you keep acne at bay.
1. Neem: The scientific name for a very well known Indian herb neem is Azadirachta indica. As per a study was done in 2010, the oil present in neem contains the compound having properties like anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant & antifungal. For a very long time, neem is used for treating various skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, & eczema. According to a discovery in 2001, it was found that neem has antibacterial activity on multiple micro-organisms which includes Staphylococcus, a bacterium that’s associated with acne formation.
2. Tea tree: The scientific name for Tea tree is Melaleuca alternifolia. The compounds present in Tea tree has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities that may decrease the number of acne lesions. Tea tree helps to treat skin problems and bruises. An acne study that was done in 1990 where the study was to check the effect of the Tea tree on the skin. The study had a topical gel comprising 5 per cent tea tree oil which was compared to a topical cream containing 5 per cent benzoyl peroxide. Both preparations decreased the number of infected and noninfected acne lesions. Even though tea tree oil took longer to show results, but side effects like itching, irritation, dryness, and redness were negligible
3. Ashwagandha: Stress reduction, Hormonal imbalance, calming your skin and reducing acne can be done with Ashwagandha! The scientific name Indian ginseng, it’s an adaptogen that functions as an overall fitness tonic, but it’s excellent for acne because of properties like antibacterial,& anti-inflammatory. It has magical effects in wound healing. Ashwagandha proves to be helpful in fighting dryness because it has moisturising properties. Ashwagandha can also be taken orally for the betterment of the skin and your overall health and levels of stress as well. For best results, one must always follow the recommended dosage.
4. Moringa: Moringa is a beneficial nutrient for the skin. It contains protein and Vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene, and phenolics. The use of this herb has been prevalent for a very long time about a millennium. Vases of valuable moringa oil were placed in the tombs of Egyptians. The oil proves to be helpful in clearing acne-prone skin, promoting skin elasticity, reducing pore size, and boosting radiance on applying topically. It needs to be kept in mind that benefits are delivered by most of the herbs when they are swallowed after being mixed with a liquid. Moringa is an antifungal and antibacterial thus helps in wound healing. Moringa should be a part of your daily nutritional and facial routine if you're looking for the clearer skin as it a hydrating, detoxifying powerhouse
5. Burdock Root: Generally consumed as a tea, Burdock root has a long story of being used as a remedy for acne rosacea, acne, and eczema. It is identified to be a blood purifier along with being diuretic, which purifies the body of acne-causing bacteria. The study also proves that this source has antimicrobial mixtures, which decreases inflammation.
While acne has become quite a common problem these days, it is important to find out what is actually causing the acne before opting for any kind of self-treatment. Paying a good dermatologist a visit will help you figure that out. There are various Home remedies for Acne: 10 Natural Ingredients Than Can Cure Pimples For Good
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