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7 Natural Herbs For Every Thyroid Condition

Herbs For Every Thyroid Condition

Your thyroid gland is responsible for a number of critical functions, so it is important that you do everything possible to keep it healthy. Millions of people have a thyroid that is either overactive or underactive, meaning that it is not able to effectively carry out its work. There are things that you can start doing today to ensure that your thyroid is working at an optimal level.
This improves your overall health and works to ensure that you are at a lower risk for experiencing thyroid dysfunction.The thyroid gland works by secreting certain hormones that a number of body functions require to work properly. If your thyroid is putting out too many hormones, it is said to be overactive.
When it is not putting out enough, it is said to be underactive. Both states of thyroid dysfunction have a significant impact on your health and can be quite disabling when the hormone level changes are severe. Because of this, you want to quickly work to correct any thyroid issues so that you can enjoy a high quality of life.
Exploring Herbs to Aid in Thyroid Health and Function
When your thyroid is working properly, it does a lot in the body to ensure that a number of body systems and functions are going as they should. Some of the most important functions that the thyroid hormones help to regulate include:
– Electrolyte transportation
– Regulate muscle and cardiac activity
– Repairing bones
– Regulate growth during the childhood years
– Helping to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle
– Helping to regulate sex drive and libido
– Cellular protein synthesis
– Ensuring the body is able to take food and convert it to energy
– Regulating metabolism
– Making vitamin A by converting beta-carotene
– Helping to regulate your mental processes
When it comes to promoting thyroid health, there are a number of herbs that can help. You will consume these herbs orally, either as a tea or via a capsule or pill. It is critical that you are taking the right dose to ensure safety and so that you get the most health benefits for your thyroid. Since there are so many herbs that improve the health of the thyroid, you should learn about several of them and then narrow it down to determine the best one for your thyroid health needs.
1. Bladderwhack
This herb has a funny name, but it has a lot of potential for those who are experiencing an underactive thyroid. This is because it has a high iodine content and iodine is one of the most important nutrients for your thyroid. By replacing iodine, it can help to improve an underactive thyroid.
2. Flaxseed

You often hear about flaxseed when it comes to digestive health and while it is important for this because it is high in fiber, it also aids your thyroid. Those with underactive thyroid can help to boost their thyroid hormone ratio by consuming this herb on a daily basis. What is ideal about this herb is that you only need about one tablespoon every day to reap the full benefits.
You can add it to a liquid or your food to consume it, making it a very convenient choice.
3. Echinacea
This herb is popular for promoting immunity and this is partially why it is ideal for better thyroid health. This is best for those who have an overactive thyroid and you want to focus on using the root of the herb. Because of this, many of the over-the-counter options will not be good because they do not use the herb. You can use the roots to make a tea by steeping the roots in boiling water.
4. Ginger
You probably already use ginger for helping to calm nausea and upset stomach, but it is also ideal for the thyroid. This is because this herb is rich in zinc, magnesium and potassium, all of which are nutrients that the thyroid requires for optimal health. You must use the fresh ginger herb to reap the full benefits.
You can eat a little fresh ginger or make a ginger tea. Ginger tea with a little organic honey mixed in is soothing and will help your thyroid to function optimally.
5. Licorice
If you have an underactive thyroid that is causing you to experience fatigue, this herb can help. In addition to helping to promote thyroid hormone regulation to improve your thyroid, it also gives you a gentle boost in energy. As a bonus, this herb contains what is called glycerrhetinic acid. This may have some potential for inhibiting the growth of certain types of thyroid cancer cells.
6. Nettle
Nettle can be beneficial for those with both an underactive and overactive thyroid. It is often referred to as a thyroid tonic because its high iodine content can aid in reversing a deficiency of this nutrient. Consuming this in tea form is usually the easiest and most beneficial.
7. Evening Primrose Oil
This herb is popular for women’s health, but it is also highly beneficial for the thyroid. In addition to aiding with underactive thyroid as a whole, it can also aid with the symptoms of this condition, such as reducing hair loss and heavy menstrual periods. It is often recommended to drink this as a tea for the most benefit.
You can see that if your thyroid gland is not working properly, you can experience a number of health issues. Look at the herbs above and what they are capable of and make a list of those you think will help you. Then, talk to your doctor about these herbs. Your doctor can help you to choose the best one for you.
He or she can also help you to determine the proper dose, depending on the thyroid issue you have and how severe it is. Your doctor will also help to ensure that the herb, or herbs, that you choose are a safe choice for you.
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