Tuesday 14 July 2015

Pamela Anderson to Film Cooking Show, The Sensual Vegan

From posing naked in the shower for PETA to serving lunch at an Arizona prison, Pam Anderson is all about the animals. And now, she’s taking her advocacy into another arena: vegan cooking.
Today, Anderson held a Reddit AMA where she answered all kinds of questions from fans. Notably, she mentioned that she’s kicking off filming for a vegan cooking show in June.
I’m starting to do a little cooking show, which I’m really excited about. It’s called “The Sensual Vegan,” and we’re starting to shoot in June. I’m writing a book as well – this is my second book – and it’s incredible. But cooking shows are very basic how to start cooking vegan tips, and I hope it turns into something more than that, but we’re going to start shooting in June. So I’m excited about that.
She also talked a little bit about food, citing her favorites:
You know, food isn’t really top of my list. It’s really funny. But i do love really healthy food. But if I do eat, it’s something very simple. Avocados – I’m not a fan of processed vegan food. I just eat very simply.
No word on when and where the cooking show will appear, but it ought to be interesting.

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