Wednesday 20 September 2017

WTF Is Joga? 3 Weird Fitness Trends You Should Know!

2017 might go down as the year when goat yoga became a trend, for some reason. But that's not the only unexpected new workout gaining steam! Here are three fitness trends with names that are way more intriguing than the typical boot camp class.

1.  Joga

If you're not sure what Joga is, you're not alone. "I had one person be like 'Do you yoga in jeans? Is it jogging yoga?'" says Bree Guhle, a Joga coach in Canada. She explained the meaning of the name: it's yoga for jocks, that's why there's a J.
Joga is a workout designed for athletes, with poses that are held for less time than traditional yoga, while still incorporating mindfulness and breathing practices. Joga's postures mimic the biomechanics of sports, and it's a lot faster than yoga. "We're constantly moving on our yoga mats," Bree says. "Athletes need yoga, but they don't really get it properly when they go to a normal class. They overstretch, they're doing these weird positions, the static stretches don't make sense for their bodies," she says.
Bree works regularly with hockey players, football players, and other pro athletes who incorporate Joga into their fitness programs. "They love it because they're not always keen on stretching," she says. "It's something that they can come in and do for an hour and not only get the physical benefits of it but also the mental benefit with the relaxation and breathing involved in it. They get to just lay there at the end of the class and not worry about all the stress and pressure that they have going on in their life."
Though you don't have to be an athlete to take Joga (Bree says that anyone can benefit from it), know that this is a tough workout. "It's a lot of upper body. We do a lot of planking, a lot of push-ups," she says. Want to be a Jogi? Joga is spreading from Canada fast: there are Joga coaches in cities like Chicago, LA, Seattle, and New York.

2.  The Rope

Think jumping rope is just for kids? NYC trainer Amanda Kloots says a jump rope the quickest, most effective way to get a full body workout. Plus, it looks fun. Try her class The Rope in New York at Studio B or stream Amanda's rope toning videos online.

3.  Skinny Bitch Collective

This workout is as intense as the name: Russell Bateman's "invitation-only" workout class in London and NYC is geared toward models. He warned a writer for The Cut that “a fitness level is necessary for the class,” and we can see why from Instagram. Women are jumping over each other and doing all sorts of choreographed partner exercises. Want to try it? Just know that SBC touts itself as "the ;most exclusive fitness class in the world."
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