Monday 10 August 2015

CALISTHENICS - Workout For Body Transformation

CALISTHENICS Workout For Body Transformation

Learn to spin like The Spindoctor

CALISTHENICS Workout For Body Transformation
Do you want to look and feel your best ?

Do you want to improve your health and fitness, build real natural strength while getting toned. You can have your body looking its aesthetic best. Ankh Rah fitness and nutrition class' will get men and women of all ages to their  dream body shape. We guarantee You will notice the difference with 6 weeks of attending our class.

We will be launching our extreme fitness, toning and nutrition Calisthenic classes on Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9pm from 20th July 2015. Calisthenics is gymnastic like exercises designed to develop health and vigour, muscular tone, bodily fitness and grace of movement while promoting physical well being usually performed with little or no special apparatus.

We have the Spindoctor, one of the UK's qualified and well known Calisthenic teachers here ready to work just with you!!


Starting with the basics, everything is possible, whether you are a natural at sports or never exercised in your life, our class will teach you starting from the basics and by the end, have you performing moves seen by the Spindoctor himself, as well as looking and feeling great while improving core strength the whole time.

What are you waiting for!!

Now is your chance, get healthy, fit and in shape the natural way now with Ankh Rah powered Calisthenics classes.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind!


Our class will be held at the;  
Body By Chosen UK  
Barnasium Gym
22 Vicarage Road 
Camberwell, SE5 7LW

Starting on the 20th July we will be giving classes in; 
Extreme Fitness and Toning Calisthenics classes on Mondays 7-9pm. 
Ankh Rah Powered Extreme Fitness, Toning and Nutrition Calisthenics Routine Classes on Wednesdays 7-9pm. £15.00 for each class.

With a BONUS!

Wednesdays Free Ankh Rah High Quality Nutrition After 3rd class. 
To energise your workout!
Whether beginner, Intermediate or advanced ALL welcome.

Venue Barnasium Gym - Body By Chosen UK - 22 Vicarage Rd, Camberwell, SE57LW

For further information Call 020 314 0551 or

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