Tuesday 4 August 2015

New Smart Helmets for Cyclists

Meet a new cycling crash helmet that comes with indicator lights on it...

Kirsten Howard
04 . 08 . 15
The cycling community is abuzz with talk of a new helmet that could be a game-changer for cyclists everywhere. 
The Lumos, described as “the ultimate bicycle helmet” by its inventor, Eu-wen Ding, has already quadrupled its Kickstarter goal and is designed to make cycling a genuinely safer experience for the wearer.
The helmet has a front headlight, front and rear-facing turn signals controlled using a wireless handlebar remote, a rear-facing warning light and an in-built accelerometer that can sense when the rider slows down, automatically turning on red rear brake lights.
It’s also water-resistant and rechargeable via USB, which could be very beneficial if you’re commuting.
Eu-wen Ding could be considered well-suited to the challenge of overhauling the bicycle safety system. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and has already successfully invented a special infant warmer for premature and low birth weight babies that is now used all over the world.
He was inspired to design the helmet after becoming fed up with the amount of lights and reflector accessories he and his friends had to strap on to even have a chance of being seen by drivers.
But the Lumos isn’t just about functionality. 
There are limited edition versions with hand-painted art, and one of the Kickstarter rewards even allows you to nab a helmet with your own Top Gun-style callsign - for when you’re on the highway to the danger zone...
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