Thursday 6 August 2015

Will Artificial Ingredients Soon Be History?

Will Artificial Ingredients Soon Be History? Kellogg The Latest Company To Nix Fake Foods

Kellogg removing artificial ingredients from all its foods

There is really no solid proof that artificial ingredients are harmful to our health — but consumers simply don’t enjoy eating things like yellow dye No. 6 and potassium bromate, which don’t sound like food at all. That’s why another company, Kellogg, has announced that it will no longer feature such mystery items in their food.
By 2018, Kellogg will remove artificial ingredients, including both colors and flavors, from all its cereal and snacks, NBC News reported. The company, which has fed the world Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes for 109 years, already boasts that 75 percent of its cereals don’t have fake colors, and more than half don’t contain synthetic flavors.
These will be ditched for more natural ingredients, ones consumers will recognize and feel safe eating. That’s simply what people want these days, edging farther and farther away from processed foods with mystery contents that seem more like chemicals than something that should be consumed.
Kellogg and General Mills both have seen their sales decline because of this trend. Kellogg has reacted with this promise to remove the offending chemicals, but also by making healthier products like granola and muesli.
And they’re not the only ones. Kellogg and many other companies have recognized this demand from health-conscious consumers and have responded with revamped menus that promise healthier products, Huffington Post added.
Chipotle has been dedicated to natural ingredients from the get go. They removed all GMOs from its products this year, and is trying to unveil a tortilla free of artificial ingredients and containing only whole wheat flour, water, oil, and salt.
Kraft has also bowed to public pressure. The dyes — much-maligned Yellow 5 and 6 — that give its macaroni and cheese is famous, yet disturbing, color, will be replaced with more natural dyes.
The fast-food chain famous for its bizarre offerings, Taco Bell, is jumping on the bandwagon, too. It plans to remove high fructose corn syrup and palm oil from its food by the end of this year, and artificial preservatives from the rest of its products by 2017.
Pizza Hut and Subway will do the same. The latter will soon offer turkey preserved with vinegar instead of propionic acid. Panera Bread released “The No No List,” or artificial ingredients getting the boot from its foods. It has also promised not to add certain additives to its products — ever.
Nestle will also make Hot Pockets and Tombstone pizzas, to name just two, healthier. Papa John’s will shell out $100 million to improve its foods, and Campbell Soup will do the same to its soups, cookies, and broths.
And like Kellogg, the people who brought us Cheerios and Trix, General Mills, will eliminate artificial ingredients from all its cereals. Unfortunately, that means blue and green crispies will be a thing of the past, because the company couldn’t find a suitable natural alternative.
But since consumers are gradually getting their healthy wishes granted, they’ll just have to accept some minor sacrifices. So far, insiders say that Kraft’s famous Mac and Cheese will still taste the same.
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