Thursday 20 August 2015

Hemp House Pulls CO2 From The Air

What can be used as medicine, as industrial building material, as clothing fiber, as a base for concrete, as a nearly perfect natural food, as a nourishing skin-care ingredient, for making paper, for eco-friendly fuel options, and more? That would be hemp.  Hemp has been arguably called the most useful plant in the world, and with hundreds of medicinal, industrial, and food applications, who would deny it?

Despite what often looks like legal or governmental suppression despite it’s long and impressive world history of usefulness and sustainability, Hemp is reappearing in new applications stronger than ever. Take for instance the legalization of Cannabis for full recreational use in 5 US states and many states have legalized medical Marijuana use as well, with plenty more US states on the horizon of legalization.  Hemp based building materials which are extremely economical, ecologically friendly,and resilient are making major gains in popularity.

This progressive and beautiful home was build solidly but with breathable walls. This was accomplished by mixing hemp hurds with lime and water on-site and then poured in between the exterior support studs in lift.

Hemp House North Carolina

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