Friday 14 August 2015

Superfood cocktail found to kill 100 percent of sampled breast cancer cells with no side effects!


While breast cancer remains a serious health concern, the incidence rates in the United States began decreasing in 2000.  From 2002 to 2003, they dropped by 7 percent.  During this same time period, the Women’s Health Initiative completed a study showing the link between breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy.  The decline in breast cancer rates is thought to be linked to the decline in hormone replacement therapy.  Identifying more methods that will help treat or prevent breast cancer remains essential. (1)

Six protective nutrients, when combined, were found to be lethal to breast cancer cells!

A 2013 study from LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans identified a superfood cocktail using six natural compounds in vegetables, fruits, spices and roots that killed 100 percent of sampled breast cancer cells with no side effects and no harm to healthy cells! (2)
“One of the primary causes of both the recurrence of breast cancer and deaths is a small group of cancer stem cells that evade therapy,” notes LSU research professor, Dr. Madhwa Raj. “These often multi-drug-resistant cells have the ability to generate new tumors, so it is critically important to develop new approaches to more effective and safer treatment or prevention of breast cancer.” (2)
The team began testing ten protective chemical nutrients found in broccoli, grapes, apples, tofu and turmeric root.  The team eventually decided to focus on curcumin (or turmeric), Isoflavone from soybeans, Indo-3-Carbinol from cruciferous vegetables, C-phyocyanin from spirulina, resveratrol from grapes and quercetin from fruits, vegetables and tea.  The team first tested these six compounds individually at bioavailable levels and then tested them in combination.  They found that individually they were ineffective at killing breast cancer cells, but when combined together they became lethal to breast cancer cells.  The combination suppressed breast cancer cell growth by more than 80 percent, stopping migration and invasion.  The superfood cocktail caused cell cycle arrest, eventually leading to the death of 100 percent of breast cancer cells in sample! (2)

New Orleans gynecologist worked with supplement company to provide this superfood supplement to women for breast health

Dr. Shailaja G. Raj, gynecologist and reproductive endocrinology and fertility expert, has a clinical practice in New Orleans area.  She is well aware of the fear many women have regarding breast cancer.  Based upon the findings of Dr. Madhwa Raj’s research, Dr. Shailaja Raj wanted to make this compound available to everyone. (3)
She recognized that the super anti-oxidant properties in this nutritional supplement may be helpful to women for breast health.  She collaborated with Protogene Corporation to develop this nutritional supplement.  This super cocktail is currently available through Protogene’s website. (3)
Dr. Shailaja Raj currently recommends it to her patients, but emphasizes that the supplement is not considered treatment or a preventative due to lack of evidence through clinical trials. (3)
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