Sunday 17 September 2017

Dark chocolate can help you reduce health diseases?

Looking for a superfood that is delicious and also healthy for your heart? Grab some dark chocolate bar. Dark chocolate reduces the level of insulin resistance, which is a very common factor behind the birth of diseases like Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.
Don’t feel guilty and indulge in the goodness of dark chocolate as its the key to healthy hearts. (Source:
Dark chocolate nowadays is popularly known as one of the best superfoods. If you nibble dark chocolate to satisfy a craving, you are also helping your heart with every bite, say experts.
Sonia Narang, Wellness and Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India and Meher Rajput, Nutritionists and Dietician, FITPASS share that how dark chocolates can be healthy too. Dark chocolate is also preloaded with decent amounts of soluble fiber and potential minerals. It contains Oleic acid, Stearic acid, and Palmitic acid.
Loaded with organic compounds which are biologically active, dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and improve the flow of blood in your body. It greatly helps in decreasing the levels of oxidized LDL Cholesterol in men. Eating dark chocolate (which has 65 percent polyphenol-rich cocoa) helps to lower blood pressure naturally.
Flavanols found in dark chocolate help in improving your heart health by lowering blood pressure and refining the flow of blood to the heart as well as to the brain. They also help in reducing the risk of cancer.
Dark chocolate also reduces the level of insulin resistance, which is a very common factor behind the birth of diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and other heart ailments. Dark chocolate also has a high concentration of an alkaloid called theobromine which has stimulant properties and relaxing effects. It can dilate the blood vessels.

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