Sunday 10 September 2017


Let’s talk cookie dough. Edible cookie dough, which I personally believe is the best part of cookies. Our entire lives we’ve been told not eat raw cookie dough. But cookie dough lovers like myself have lived on the wild side. We’ve taken cookie dough risks. We’ve licked the spoons (and bowls) and we’ve been cookie dough rebels. Then 2017 shows up and EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH SHOPS AND READY TO EAT COOKIE DOUGH ARE NOW A REAL THING. Clearly, dreams do come true. Finally a raw food diet I can stick to.

There was a Shark Tank Cookie Dough episode that featured Cookie Dough Cafe, which appears to have kicked off the cookie dough trend. Cookie Dough Cafe sells pre-made, ready to eat cookie dough in supermarkets. Well not in any supermarkets within a 50 mile search of my zip code, but some fortunate folks are picking up that cookie dough along with their paper towels and lettuce. Lucky ducks.

But it’s not just ready to eat cookie dough in stores that are happening, there are actual cookie dough restaurants. I repeat RESTAURANTS THAT DISH OUT COOKIE DOUGH. Cookie Do NYC sells cookie dough confections and it’s so popular that their website has a line and closing policy. Let that sink in, it’s so popular there are rules about standing in line. And did I mention you can get your cookie dough in a cone? Props to that brilliant idea.

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