Sunday 24 September 2017


Fluoridating municipal water supplies is akin to medicating someone without their consent, and is an abuse of human rights. The practice of fluoridation is justified as a necessary public health intervention to combat tooth decay, even thought the known dangers of fluoridation far exceed the potential benefit.
The notion that drinking fluoridated water decreases IQ in children is backed up by a number of studies and testimony by people at the highest levels of public health. In 2012, a major Harvard study found that public water fluoridation poses a risk to the developing intelligence of children, essentially lowering the IQ of those in communities with public water fluoridation.
A study published in December of 2016 by the International Society of fluoride Research in New Zealand, entitled, Developmental neurotoxicity of fluoride: a quantitative risk analysis 379 towards establishing a safe daily dose of fluoride for children, concluded that lowered IQ is indeed a risk for children whom consume uncontrollable dosages of fluoride in public water supplies.
Now, another report has been issued, warning expecting mothers that fluoride exposure in utero is linked to lower IQ in children.
“The study, published Tuesday in Environmental Health Perspectives, found an association between lower intelligence and prenatal fluoride exposure in 299 mother-child pairs in Mexico. The team measured fluoride levels from mothers via urine samples and followed up on their children until they were between 6 and 12 years old. Even when other possible factors were taken into account, such as exposure to other chemicals, results continually showed that higher prenatal fluoride exposure was linked to lower scores on tests of cognitive function in children at age 4 and then again between 6 and 12.” [Source]
The major premise of this study is that babies in utero are much more sensitive to fluoride than children,
“Childhood exposure to fluoride is safer than prenatal. There is pretty good science now to support the fact that the fetal system tends to be more sensitive to environmental toxicants than once the child is born.” ~Howard Hu, founding dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto
When you look at fluoridation as medication, which it is, and not just as a food additive, it makes sense that the tiniest and most underdeveloped of us would be more sensitive, for medicines are typically administered in doses proportional to a patient’s weight.
It is known that fluoride exposure can disrupt proper thyroid function and inhibited the endocrine system, which are necessary for proper brain development, indicating a possible relationship between in utero exposure and the development of young children.
This study is being rejected by the American Dental Association, one of the main bodies in America lobbying for continued fluoridation.
The American Dental Association said the study’s findings “are not applicable to the U.S. The ADA continues to endorse fluoridation of public water as the most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay.” [Source]
Not so with water fluoridation, however, in which everyone, big or small, consumes the same ratio of fluoride to water, meaning that anyone who drinks more water will have greater exposure. This is the primary reason why water fluoridation needs to end immediately, there is no way to control individual dosage when it is mass-distributed in public water supplies. Furthermore, there is no practical way to opt out, should someone wish to make their own decision about their dental health and the consumption of the toxic chemical, fluoride.

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