Wednesday 11 October 2017

Moringa For Anemia!

Moringa For Anemia!

When your body’s blood cell count or hemoglobin drops to abnormal levels, you are considered to be anemic. A common form of anemia is low iron. While some individuals may not display any symptoms of this deficiency, others may experience: shortness of breath, tiredness, fatigue, or appear pale in complexion. This condition is more likely to affect women due to monthly changes in the body.
A possible cause can be blamed on a poor diet
Our diets play a huge role in our body’s development. Beef liver and other animal meats contain high levels of iron. Alternatively, iron can also be absorbed from some vegetable sources, which in some cases may be a lower content when compared to that of animal meats.
Moringa may reveal the paradox in the notion that plant nutritional content cannot exceed animal meats. In this case, Moringa, a plant, is superior to the formidable beef liver. Moringa is a SUPERFOOD that is rich in iron. It has been discovered that 200 grams of beef liver contains 20 mg of iron. Miraculously, Moringa surpasses the liver, containing 56 mg of iron per 200 grams of leaves.
Studies have shown that when combinations of Vitamin C and Vitamin A are present, iron is absorbed more readily. Moringa contains both of these important vitamins in high quantities.
Moringa, the miracle tree is a natural and non-invasive solution to persons ailing from iron deficiency.

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