Avola almonds are a top trend for 2017. Unlike the normal variety of almonds, Avola almonds are bigger in size and come in irregular shaped case. It is grown in Avola, Sicily using natural rainwater, which makes it the most sustainable nut in the world. If you do not have much idea about this super-food variety of Avola almonds, we share with you some of the benefits of these nuts. They are used extensively in making pastry and confectionery. Here are some benefits of Avola almonds and why one should take it on daily basis. 

High concentration of nutrients

Avola almonds are chemical-free thanks to the hard casing that protects the nut from any kind of chemicals penetrating inside, which makes it very healthy for your body. They also have the highest concentration of nutrients per gram when compared to any other nut. S start adding this superfood to your diet. 

High antioxidant content

When compared to the Californian almonds, Avola almonds have three times more antioxidant content. It has high polyphenol content which is an antioxidant said to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer. Include this superfood nut in your diet to reap all the benefits.

Natural source of protein and fiber

Avola almonds not only are a natural source of protein but they also have high fiber content. They are also low in saturated fat and the fiber content helps maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol levels. 

Filled with vitamin E

Avola almonds contain Vitamin E, which helps to combat signs of aging and boosting immunity. The  Vitamin E and antioxidant packed into Avola almonds promotes good circulation, regulates blood sugar, keeps your heart healthy, and protects against certain cancers.

Power-packed with minerals

Avola almonds contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. This superfood nut when included in your diet keeps your heart healthy and aids metabolism for weight loss.