Wednesday 23 December 2015

8 Ways That Energy Work & Coaching Can Change Your Life

How can you expect your life to change for the better if you begin to use energy healing and coaching as part of your regular practice?
As more and more people feel the stirring of their souls as the spiritual awakening takes place around the world, they’re beginning to seek out solutions, answers, and healing.
Often though, people don’t seem to know what to expect, do, or work with when it comes to energy healing and coaching, especially if they want to see results in all areas of their lives.
What changes can you expect to see in your life if you do embark on an energy healing and personal growth journey and how can you expect your life to improve if you stick to the path?

What Does Healing Change Look Like?

When you first start out on a healing journey, the changes you experience will be subtle and gradual, taking a few weeks to take effect. 
In fact, for the first few months and years of healing work you’ll likely shift many of the issues on a physical level, feeling physically ill.
Eventually, as you get further along your growth path and see more change, your capacity to accommodate and be comfortable with change will greatly increase and you’ll be able to allow bigger and more immediate change to take place in your system and life.
At a point you will be open enough to allow immediate change to happen – which is when you’ll experience your first major miracle release.
From here you will begin to feel almost immediate relief with energy healing sessions and will be able to use sessions to clear stuff before it settles into your system and becomes a long-term problem.

1. Your Emotions Change

Not only will your emotions change, pain you’ve been carrying for years will melt away like it never existed at all. 
You will experience deeper levels of love, bonding, and connection, supported by an ever-deepening foundation of peace and understanding, which will leave you secure in the knowledge that you will survive anything life throws at you – regardless of how dire things may seem right now.

2. Your Circumstances Change

One of the nice things about the spiritual journey is that you experience immediate and long-term improvements in all areas – and you’ll notice this in your circumstances. 
Incrementally things around you will begin to get better in your world as you release each new layer of baggage and you will experiences leaps that take you into new circumstances that match your new energetic vibration.
New opportunities will begin to arise for you in every facet of your life, and you’ll get to enjoy the exciting experience of watching the innovative and totally unexpected ways that the universe begins to open new doors for you.

3. Your Actions & Behaviours Change

The first time you drop a behaviour set overnight it is going to totally blow your mind. 
Where once you felt drawn to undertake a certain behaviour, now you won’t even think about it anymore. Likewise, you may work on installing a new behaviour and you’ll discover that the change to that new way of being just happens and requires no effort on your part whatsoever.

4. Your Beliefs Change

You will walk into a session believing that something is one way, and will walk out having had done a complete 180 – and you’ll feel like it’s been that way all your life. 
Once you get comfortable with this process and begin to resonate with the fact that it is the beliefs you carry that cause the physiological reactions in your body, you can begin to effect miracle healing changes, like restoring eyesight, for example.

5. The People Around You Change

One of the basic premises of spiritual and energy healing work is that, barring a certain few that you have spiritual contracts with, most of the people and relationships in your life are around to reflect to you what you need to heal in yourself – a process called the mirrors of relationship.
As you release issues and blocks in your life (the mirrors), you will find that people move out of your life and new people move into your life.
This can get rocky at times, because the people around you don’t always like it when you change what you reflect to them. On the whole it works out as a massive boost as you attract more and more positive people into your life with every new layer you shift.

6. Your Attachment Diminishes & Acceptance Grows

Attachment is one of those big spiritual lessons that you see everywhere because attachment really does cause a large percentage of the emotional pain and angst we experience in our lives.
As you shift out old patterns and habits and you begin to resonate (energetically align) with new energies in your life, what matters to you will begin to change too. Different elements in life will take on greater importance and things that once seemed critical will fade away into obscurity.
Over time and with experience and knowledge, you’ll find that it comes almost naturally to release and let go of what no longer serves you. From this space, aspects like surrender and acceptance will come much more naturally and easily than they did before.

7. You Experience Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ultimate miracle, the ultimate release, because it causes a collapse of time that means that future karmic events do not need to take place in order to redress the imbalance the original circumstance created. 
Basically, in a nutshell, forgiveness is the tool that releases you from karma and being tied to this plane.
Anything that causes pain in our life is as a result of separation – separation from a person, a thing, an experience, a desire, a want, or a need. As each of these separations is healed and released, you make available more energy to you right now, here in this moment, pulling the energy back to you from the time it has been stuck in.
With each release of forgiveness you will find that your attachment to the situation completely melts away, and often you are even able to honestly welcome the offending parties back into your life with open arms and no hard feelings whatsoever.
With the strongest and truest forgiveness releases, once you’ve worked through the layers of stuff, forgetting is no longer an issue because it happens naturally when the forgiveness is so complete.

8. Breakthroughs & Surges Of Joy

For a long while, whenever someone asked me how I know spiritual healing is real and makes a true difference, my answer was the breakthroughs and surges of joy. 
There are going to be moments along your growth path where it will feel like a hellish uphill battle – many of them in fact, because this journey takes place in life; it is your very life.
However, as hard and as long as those periods are, they always invariably do end. When they end, two major things happen:
Firstly, you experience an unbelievably intense surge of joy that you are left in no doubt means you have stood next to God. It is a beautiful experience and your soul is so full that it can only sing thank you.
The second thing that happens is that stuff starts moving in your life at a miraculous pace, and everything that was blocked just begins to flow at once. Your world will literally change overnight.

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