Thursday 31 December 2015


Booty lovers, rejoice!  With the big-bootied craze taking over, the desire to have a larger rear end is more prevalent than ever.  Recent studies may have found an even greater reason to desire a big behind, other than just the aesthetic factor.  Science has found a slew of benefits to having a big butt.  Check them out!
Do you think that a big butt makes you smarter?  Comment and share your thoughts!
The research revealed that women with more weight in their thighs and behinds, often have a higher level of intelligence.

The study analyzed data from 16,000 women.

Women with larger behinds tend to produce more Omega 3 fats.
Omega 3 fats help to catalyze brain development.
Additionally, the study states that big-bootied mothers tend to give birth to smarter children.
Aside from brain power, having a larger behind, is associated with a slew of other health benefits.

Big-bootied women tend to have lower cholesterol.They also produce sugar metabolizing hormones that help to prevent diabetes, as well as heart problems.

And the benefits don't stop there!

The tissues present in the backside, also trap harmful fatty particles, which helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, this study and its discovered benefits, does not include fake booties.

Other booty studies, have also discovered that big-bottomed women may simply live an overall longer, healthier life.

Now, everyone envy those well-endowed ladies even more!

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