Monday 7 December 2015

Home Made Alkaline Water

The pH level determines whether an environment is acidic or alkaline. If its value is below 7, the environment is acidic, and if it’s above 7, it’s alkaline. As its pH level is 7, rain water is said to be neutral.
Nevertheless, as far as the human body is concerned, a single pH value cannot be established as each organ has its own specific pH value.
For instance, the saliva has a pH ranging from 6.5-7.0, the human skin has a pH of 5.5, which makes it slightly acidic, while the pH of the digestive tract varies from 1.5-7.0.
In a healthy body, the blood pH value is slightly alkaline and ranges between 7.35-7.45. Lungs and kidneys are the ones responsible for maintaining this balance. In case this balance is disturbed, your overall health is affected.
If the natural pH balance of the body is disturbed, i.e. it becomes too acidic or too alkaline, the healthy cells become toxic, which leads to their death. Moreover, the body fights to maintain its natural pH by storing excess acidic substances in certain parts or organs, thus increasing their acidity. Hence, chronic pH imbalance damages the tissues inside the body and may even lead to malignancy, as it leads to cell death or cell mutation.
In a  worse case scenario, metastasis can occur. This means that the dead cells remain acidic in the body, whereas the mutated or malignant cells continue to grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts or organs in the body.
On the other hand, modern diets make use of a lot of sugar, caffeine, highly processed foods and alcohol, which makes the body overly acidic and eventually leads to poor immune system, chronic headaches and fatigue, as well as a number of digestive issues.
Therefore, alkaline water can be of great importance for our health.
As we previously stated, if the chronic pH imbalance of the body is left untreated, it can do a lot of damage. Alkaline water can be of great benefit since it provides much better hydration to the whole system, thus improving overall health and wellbeing.
Plus, it is extremely beneficial for your brain, which is mostly made of water.
If the pH value of a water is between 8 and 9, it is considered alkaline, which means it’s a base. You can learn how to prepare alkaline water below:

Alkaline water- recipe
1 organic lemon (wash and slice it)
2l purified water
1 tablespoon Himalayan salt ( you can find it in any healthy food store)
Method of preparation:
Fill a glass jar with water and add the lemon slices, but do not squeeze out the juice. Add the Himalayan salt. Next, cover the jar and leave it overnight at room temperature.
The next morning, drink 3 glasses of alkaline water on an empty stomach.
The homemade alkaline water is of extreme importance, as it will create the ideal pH balance in your body, and it will reflect on your overall health.

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