Monday 29 February 2016

5 must-try Scandinavian fitness trends

Svava Sigbertsdottir, founder of the Viking Method

As well as impeccable architecture and design, Scandinavians tend to have impeccable, lean bodies. These guys and guys know how to stay in shape - despite freezing temperatures that might put off most Londoners - so it comes as no surprise that some of their fitness trends have started filtering across the North Sea to the UK.
Rather than seeing exercise as a shore, Scandinavians have found a way to incorporate exercise into their everyday lives.
See below for five on-trend ways to get Scandi fit that you can try in London:


If you like Tough Mudder, you love Toughest, which has been taking Scandinavia by storm. Coming ot the UK for the first time this April, you can expect the 40 obstacles over an 8km course of tough terrain that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Its 5000 participants should prepare to get muddy - and engage your Scandi mentality to get through it.
Find it: in Pippingford Park, London on April 23

Nordic Walking

So what is it? Nordic Walking is like ordinary walking, but enhanced. Using specially designed poles, it is a full-body exercise that engages the upper body and not just the legs - and it's easy on the joints. Not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or trail running - a qualified instuctor will see that you exert enough force on the specially designed poles that you achieve optimum results. The great news is that it can be done by anyone, anywhere and doesn't cost the earth.
Where: Use to find qualified instructors and walks across London

The Viking Method

Shouting is encourages, bananas are banned and you never weigh yourself - these are some of the 'rules' involved in The Viking method, founded by self-proclaimed fitness maniac and Icelander Svava Sigbertsdottir. It works by shocking your body's metabolism into burning fat with HIIT techniques such as crawling, kick-boxing and leap frogs, switching between aerobi and anaerobic resistance training to work to body to the greatest effect. Take up this method to improve your agility, strength, confidence and power - Suki Waterhouse and Nicole Scherzinger are fans. 
Where: buy this online fitness programme at

Scandinavian Fitness

Want a tailor-made fitness programme that will change your life? This all-female personal training team will led by Olympic athlete Linda Hendenstrom will do the trick. Building on the Scandinavian lifestyle ethos where fitness and nutrition are part of everyday life, its is to show clients that bening healthy is about knowledge, not difficult. Through a combination of kettlebells, boxing, tabata and yoga among others - Linda hopes to get you fit within three months. Trainers are based in Notting Hill, Chelsea and Kensington and will come to you, whether you prefer to be outside or in the gy.
Where: book your session at

Swedish Fit

Super popular in Sweden, this is a full body workout developed in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists to work out your muscle and maintain and strengthen the psychomotor skills. During Swedish Fit sessions, participants stand in a circle around the coach, reproducing non-exhausting movement to music - it's fitness and morale boosting.
Where: Swedish Fit classes take place in five different locations across London. Book your session online at

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