Friday 12 February 2016

5 Reasons You Need To Make Sure You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is something we spend a lot of time doing: almost a third of our lives! Whenever we feel stressed for time, usually it’s our sleep we end up cutting into. We put so little thought into something so important to our health that it takes years off our life without us even noticing! Before you drink that cup of coffee, take a look at these 5 reasons you should put more thought into your sleep habits.

1. Sleep Helps the Body Recover

When you’re finished working out at the gym, you feel sore. This is because strenuous activity causes strain to your muscle tissue, even tearing in some cases. This is normal. When your body is finished repairing the damage, your muscles will become bigger and stronger. However, this process needs you to spend a decent amount of time in bed, so be sure to get those forty winks!

2. Lack of Sleep Makes You Hungry

Another reason to spend more time sleeping is that it prevents you from eating. Being awake for longer puts more strain on your body, which means you’ll want to eat more. If you’re on a post cycle and need to regulate your caloric intake, sleeping more will keep you within your macros.

3. Not Sleeping Prevents Digestion

So you haven’t slept for a while and you’ve just finished your second dinner. With all this extra food you’ve been consuming, your digestive system should be working faster in tandem, right? Wrong. After spending too much time awake, the digestive system grinds to a crawl. You’ll feel uncomfortably full, and you may even have problems in the bathroom later — all the more reason to lie back, close your eyes, and let your body do the work.

4. Sleeping Helps Your Metabolism

Okay night owl, it’s almost time for breakfast. You’re still full because you haven’t been able to pass all of your last two dinners yet. You might be surprised to find that you’re starving, despite the fact you’ve eaten only a few hours before. This is because your body takes longer to turn the nutrients absorbed by your already strained digestive system into energy and sustenance. All of these woes — the stomach ache, the headache, the digestive problems, and the fatigue — could have been avoided if you instead got a good night’s rest.

5. Fatigue Impairs Your Workout

You’ve finally forced breakfast down your throat along with your pre-workout casein protein powder shake and you feel absolutely bloated. You make your way back to the gym to bang out some reps before noon but you get tired faster that usual. You’re full of food that you can’t digest, very little energy has been absorbed, your muscles are still sore from yesterday’s workout, and you can’t keep your eyes open! What were you doing that was so much more important than getting a good night’s sleep?
Hopefully the point is abundantly clear: Do not mess with your sleep cycle. Get a decent amount of sleep at the same time every night, and your body will keep working with you to get a great physique while feeling amazing at the same time!

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