Friday 5 February 2016

New startup creates healthy food options to help boost immune system

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --A new startup out of UF's Innovation Hub is using disease- fighting superfood to help boost the body's immune system."We believe that food should be your medicine, medicine should be your food," says Dr. Wayne Garland, founder.
Doctor wayne garland is the founder of PaleoGanic. He says his company harnesses the secrets of superfood that helped save his life three decades ago."32 years ago I came down with cancer and I was diagnosed with cancer and I was given a six month prognosis that I wouldn't survive and chemotherapy and radiation wasn't a route I could take because it wouldn't cure what I had," says Garland.
At that time, he left everything behind: his job as a research analyst and consultant in Sydney, Australia, and took off to southeast Asia seeking answers Hoping within that six month period, he would find answers before the cancer in his spine killed him. "The threat of execution concentrates the mind wonderfully.And my mind concentrated with my research on methodologies to treat all disease," says Dr. Garland
Dr. Garland made a drastic change to his diet, seeking foods that might help fight potentially deadly diseases. Now he says he's cancer free and owes a lot of his progress to the foods he eats."Disease is now epidemic. The diseases that we thought were all disappeared are now roaring back.I have the answer. And I put it into this company and the products that we're making," says Garland.
 Dr. Garland started paleoganic which now makes three soups: all of which he says contain active disease fighting ingredients including bladderwrack, a type of seaweed used for thyroid disorders, and lion's mane - a medicinal mushroom."There are superfoods now and these superfoods are what have this enormous immune system capacity," says Garland.
The soups cost about twelve dollars apiece, and are now sold online, and at local farmer's markets, including ward's here in Gainesville.
And Ward's customer and health food enthusiast Maria Derrick-Mescua agrees. "I think my favorite is the lion's mane mushroom because there are all kinds of mushrooms in it. I've been buying mushrooms at the farmer's market and this has a great selection," says Derrick-Mescua.
Dr. Garland says the soups he creates are not an alternative to antibiotics but provide benefits to help strengthen the immune system.One of his many mottos: every spoonful you eat should be healing not harming. "When I was in Okinawa, I didn't hear anyone have an argument, I didn't hear anyone have an argument, raise their voice,  have road rage, everyone was enjoying their life happy until 100 years of age,"says Garland.
Dr. Garland says he hopes his products will create a revolution and lead the way for medicinal food innovation here in Gainesville. To order Dr. Garland's soup, visit his website.

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