Saturday 6 February 2016

Towards the exploitation of the full potential of Moringa

Haiti - Agriculture : Towards the exploitation of the full potential of Moringa

Haiti - Agriculture : Towards the exploitation of the full potential of Moringa
Pursuant to a resolution passed to the States General of malnutrition in 2012 by the Ministry of Health, the Government has decided to promote the Doliv-Moringa (Moringa oleifera), which is since considered one of the main control tools against malnutrition in Haiti.

The Government considers that Moringa can play an important role in improving the living conditions of the population, it is thus that Moringa-Doliv Network of Haiti was established, where state institutions and civil society groups
that intervene in various links in the value chain of Moringa, is also an opportunity to share their experiences and coordinate their actions.

Several actors already working in the production and processing of Moringa in Haiti and new players regularly manifest their interest to exploit in one form or another, Moringa.

To better define strategies aimed at facilitating the development of Moringa sector in Haiti, a deeper knowledge of the sector and experience with this culture is necessary. To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture has taken steps to make it easier for players and allow them to understand the industry to judge the opportunities that exist, where they exist, the conditions created within the global environment, existing constraints, etc... this requires a thorough study on the operation of this commodity.

In addition, a good knowledge of the markets of Moringa (international, regional and national) is essential to identify the most promising derivatives to the country; having a good understanding of regulatory but also biological and economic constraints that are associated with the export of products made from Moringa and identify trends likely to influence the international trading environment to maximize the benefits for Haiti.

Thus, this study will allow to conduct an analysis of the Moringa value chain and highlight the contribution of this value-added plant: to improve food security in the country; the protection of the environment and economic development through the exploitation of export markets.

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