Monday 29 February 2016

Hannah Bronfman's Workout Essentials

She's a model. She's an entrepreneur. She's a DJ. If that's not enough, she's a wellness and fitness enthusiast. In fact, working out is what keeps Hannah Bronfman trailblazing into the future. Just check out her Instagram, Snapchat, or, and you'll get why she was selected to be part of the Clinique #FaceForward campaign. We caught up with Hannah at one of her favourite New York City spots: Ashley DeLeon Pilates. She demonstrated some very impressive moves and gave us a peek into her ambitious mind and easy beauty routine.

Hannah on why she loves exercise…
“When I get in a proper sweat session, I can accomplish more in my day. My mind is very clear, and I’m ready to approach certain businesses and scenarios in a focused way. Scheduling can be crazy, but I think it’s really important to take an hour for yourself, or even just 15 minutes. And it doesn’t even matter what it is—I try everything. I do boxing, strength training, yoga, Pilates…I like to surprise my body. Ultimately, that’s what I think gives you the best results, both mentally and physically.”

"My skin looks great when I'm eating well and hydrating myself."

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