Monday 8 February 2016

It's Getting Easier To Snack Healthy At Your Desk

Jenny Che

Reaching for the most readily available snack at work typically has resulted in a unhealthy reliance on chips and sugar-saturated sweets. But that doesn't have to be the case.
An increasing number of companies are capitalizing on consumers' appetite for healthful snacking at the office. As Americans shift away from wanting only fat- and sugar-heavy choices, big food corporations are taking note: Hershey and Mondelez, which owns Oreo and Nabisco cookies, are broadening their catalogue of fruit-based and other healthy snacks, Business Insider reported last month.
Meanwhile, some smaller companies hope to make consumers' transition to healthy eating habits even easier by delivering snacks straight to their offices. Subscription services are growing in popularity, and several will mail boxes of nutritious goodies to individuals or groups. The FruitGuys, a San Francisco-based office fruit delivery company, announced on Monday the launch of a snack line tailored to people who crave fruit, nut and trail mixes while at work.
"Businesses and employees are thinking more about their health, and are focused on how they can bring better snack options into the workplace," founder and chief executive Chris Mittelstaedt said in a statement. The snacks are made with ingredients produced on U.S. farms and can be purchased along with the FruitGuys' preexisting fresh fruit offerings, or on their own.
Marketing healthier snacks has its own challenges. Kind Snacks, which received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration last year for having "misleading" labels on its bars, is now petitioning to expand the definition of "healthy" foods. The company argues that its snacks' high saturated fat content actually comes from healthful sources like nuts and seeds.

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