Tuesday 16 February 2016

Roze: I ate my placenta after birth

Magdalena Roze adds placenta to post-natal diet and swears by benefits

MAGDALENA Roze has joined the likes of Kim Kardashian and a raft of Hollywood celebrities in adding her placenta to her post-natal diet.
The 33-year-old revealed that following son Archie’s birth two months ago, she ate the placenta.
“I asked to see it, and the midwives told me that it was a particularly healthy one,” she said on her blog.

“Furthermore, I actually had it encapsulated ... and ate the placenta pills following childbirth to assist in recovery and increasing breast milk supply!
“The thought of eating my own placenta had never crossed my mind but when I heard about encapsulation and its benefits, and got the all-clear to try them from obstetrician, I thought why not?” she wrote.
Putting it on par with superfoods thanks to the nutritional value the placenta offers, Roze said she continues to take the pills.


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