Tuesday 9 August 2016

6 Ways To Relieve The Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica pain is one of the most common issues nowadays, which affects numerous people.
The pain caused by this condition is felt all along the sciatic nerve, that is, from the lower back, it radiates to the buttocks, and goes down to one leg, and even the foot.
In most cases, it is caused by a lumbar disc herniation. Even though the pain due to this condition is often extremely intense and unbearable, there are some natural ways to relieve it:
Acupuncture or other traditional Chinese treatments- Numerous people have experienced great relief after these methods. Acupuncture actually uses small needles that are inserted into the skin, in specific body points, and thus release endorphins, which relieve the pain.
Hot and cold therapy– The therapy with hot and cold compresses alleviates pain, the heat relaxes the muscles, and ice treats the inflammation.
Lumbar spine traction and decompression therapy– Many therapists have confirmed that the method of using instruments to spread the lumbar vertebrae, which help the disc material to become reabsorbed into the outer material and thus soothe the sciatica pain.
McKenzie exercises-These exercises are given by chiropractors, and they alleviate the pain and centralize it into the lower back.
Chiropractor care- Chiropractors or physiotherapists can be of great help, as they can recommend the best treatments for the issue, such as exercises, joint mobilization, or soft tissue therapy.
Painkillers- You must consult your doctor before you decide to take painkillers. These drugs can help you deal with the unbearable pain, and reduce the inflammation.

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