Friday 12 August 2016

Amazing! Denmark is set to become world’s first 100% organic country!

The organic section in my grocery store has grown quite a bit over the past few years, and I’m loving it! But none of the progress we’re making locally stands up in comparison to what the Denmark government has been up to. They just released their official plan to make the entire country completely organic in just a few years.
That means no pesticides, no GMO food, only whole, natural and safe produce (as well as meat from livestock) in every grocery store and eatery. Every Danish citizen will have access to 100% organic and sustainably-farmed food. By 2020 (just 4 years from now!), organic farmland will be double what it was in 2007. Here’s the plan that every other country is so impressed with…

How to Go 100% Organic: Denmark’s Plan

Starting On the Right Foot

Denmark’s organic journey all started with the birth of the Red Ø label brand. Established in 1987, it was the first organic food brand in the world to be totally regulated by the government.  In addition to its own organic brand, the Danish government established strict rules for organic labels which all farmers had to follow.
Every farmer who wishes to sell their food as organic must go through a 2 year period in which they follow each of the regulations for organic foods set by the government. Only after successfully passing this 2 year assessment are they given permission to start advertising their products as certified organic.

Get More People to See the Value of Organic Food

As outlined in Denmark’s new 100% organic plan, half of their focus will be to make organic food as popular and high-demand as possible. Not only will this edge out the non-organic competition, but will naturally pour more money and resources into the organic agricultural business. This isn’t just good news for Denmark, but for all of us! Denmark is the leading exporter of organic foods in the world, so the better their business model works, the more for the rest of us!
Here are a few highlights from the Danish government’s plan:
  • all schools, hospitals, and institutions must serve at least 60% organic foods (for now)
  • education about organic farming will be included in all school curriculum
  • more research will be designated to finding new solutions and technology for organic farming
  • city workshops will teach people about organic agriculture

Invest in Organic Farmers

The second half of the official plan focuses on giving organic farmers (and those wishing to become organic) the best resources available. In fact, the government has already set aside $5.4 million to do just that. Here’s how it will all break down:
  • increase exports for the Red Ø brand worldwide
  • all government-owned farmland must follow organic regulations
  • direct investment into current organic farmers
  • financial incentive for conventional farmers who want to start going organic

Organic Food and You


As the video explains, eating organic is about more than just buying anything that calls itself organic. It’s important to make smart choices about what you’re feeding your body. The good thing is that, with organic foods, you’ll never have to worry about toxic pesticides contaminating your body or genetically modified ingredients which have never been proven to be safe in the first place.
We’re all hoping that when Denmark becomes totally organic, the rest of the world will follow in their footsteps. Here’s to your health!


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