Thursday 25 August 2016

Why Bodybuilders Should Do Barre Workouts!

Swap the barbell for the barre for total-body benefits.

Is bodybuilding your sport of choice?  If you prefer lifting, a workout without weights might seem worthless. But some experts say that barre classes can make your body better.
For those who don’t dance, a barre is the horizontal bar reserved for helping dancers stay on balance during exercises. Over the last few years this ancient tool has morphed into a workout staple with a variety of workouts based around it. In fact, they say that classic barre movements not only enhance your weight lifting workout, but also help prevent injury and improve your overall level of fitness.

Benefits of a Barre Workout

Barre classes require stability skills that you may not have the chance to fine-tune when you’re lifting weights. In fact, trying to maintain balance to execute barre movements can help to identify areas of muscle weakness.
“When you work against the resistance of your own body weight in neutral alignment, the lines of the body and the muscles that fatigue first indicate to the body builder where their current workouts are falling short,” says Michelle Austin, founder of The Fluidity Barre System which is sold online. The fluidity barre is a mini collapsible barre that you can use in your home. Fluidity barre classes are also taught at select David Barton Gym locations around the country. “It is nearly impossible to create whole-body muscle balance through weight lifting alone,” she says.
Nicole DeAnda, National Barre Manager at Equinox also sees benefits for body builders. She says that she often sees men who are hard-core weight lifters step into class. “They enjoy the targeted movements specifically for the glutes,” she says. DeAnda recommends a combo of weight lifting, cardio and barre four to five days per week as an effective approach for maximal muscle development and to experience continuous results.

Barre Workout for Body Builders

You can check out a barre class at a local boutique or health club. But you can also try a workout at home. Grab a sturdy chair or counter top for balance. Then try exercises developed for body builders by Michelle Austin.

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