Monday 22 August 2016

Your vagina needs a nutritious diet too. Here’s what to eat and drink to make “her” happy and healthy.

What would your vagina say if she could talk? Is she a happy, healthy yoni? A goddess garden of sacral chakra love? Or is she a neglected place “down there” that you pretty much ignore? Let’s get into it, ladies, pun intended.
So fresh and so clean is a glorious start, but nutrition also can play a role in your vaginal health. Yoni love is body love, and of course body love is part of our overall self-love. Of course, nothing here is meant to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or medical condition. Check with your own physician to decide what is right for you.
Here’s what to eat and drink for a happy, healthy yonilicious vagina today!

A happy vagina is one that is well-lubricated. The greatest source of lubrication in our bodies is, of course, water. Just like you water your garden, you must water your own personal lotus flower. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, just like your doctor and your mama taught you. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, an increase of your water intake could work wonders. Drink up, gorgeous!

Cranberry Juice
Mother Nature really gave us all we need for optimal living on this planet. To have an optimal vagina, do include pure cranberry juice as a part of your lifestyle. Every goddess knows that a sip a day could keep the urinary tract infections away. Well, you don’t have to drink the cran daily, but you should have some in the cupboard. Better yet, WebMD suggests cranberry capsules are far more potent for preventing UTIs than juice.
According to the site, “The active ingredient in cranberries -- A-type proanthocyanidins -- is effective against UTI-causing bacteria.”

You know that what we eat affects the way that our bodies smell and um, taste, right? In other words, onions and garlic may not be the right move before a romantic weekend getaway. So what should you eat for a happy secret garden? Everything will be coming up roses if you indulge in pineapple therapy. That’s right. Pineapples will have you emitting a fragrant bouquet. Pineapples, like other fruits including strawberries, apples, watermelon, are high in sugar and will have you tasting a bit more well, sugary.

Having healthy fats in your diet is important in our vulva-licious health plan. Flaxseeds are considered to be one of the richest sources of a plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. (Note that your health food store may also list them as linseeds.) According to noted natural health guru Dr. Susun Weed, women seeking a well lubricated yoni should try two to three tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds daily for a “noticeable difference in a few weeks!” She also recommends that “as part of your love play, [you should] chew on a small piece of dong quai root.”

Kefir, yogurt, or any kind of probiotics should be a key part of your healthy vagina diet. A healthy yoni has slightly acidic pH levels. This can be helped by consuming yogurt or kefir that contains live and active cultures. That’s the key! Be sure that you’re not just consuming a sugared down dessert if you’re taking it in for health purposes. Fermented food like kimchi and sauerkraut are also healthy probiotic options.

Raspberry Tea
Herbalists tout the benefits of raspberries and raspberry leaf tea for women’s health. This fruit and the leaves are rich in vitamins B1, B3 and E, may have a wealth of antioxidants, and may be quite the tonic for women's reproductive systems. Women have used raspberry tea for heavy and painful periods, morning sickness during pregnancy, and comfort during delivery.

Sweet Potatoes
Yes, the Thanksgiving special is an important part of our happy vagina diet! Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Vitamin A is widely acknowledged as being beneficial for healthy skin overall. But when it comes to our uterine walls, sweet potatoes may have an added benefit. The American Nutrition Association says that Vitamin A may be a natural Viagra.
Yes, Vitamin A is known for regulating our sex hormones. In addition, eating more sweet potatoes may have a positive effect on your vaginal and uterine walls. No word on if Aunt Pattie’s Sweet Potato Pie will help!
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