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Health Benefits of Kola Nut!

Health Benefits of Kola Nut

The Kola nut is actually a caffeine-containing nut of evergreen trees of the genus Cola, mostly of the species Cola acuminata and Cola nitida. Cola acuminata, an evergreen tree about 20 meters high, has long, ovoid leaves pointed at both the ends with a leatherlike texture. The trees have got yellow flowers along with purple spots, as well as star-shaped fruit. Inside the fruit, about a dozen round or even square seeds develop in the white seed-shell. The nut’s aroma is sweet and rose-like. The very first taste is bitter, however it sweetens upon chewing. The nut could be boiled to extract the cola. This particular tree reaches 25 meters in height and is also propagated through seeds. C. nitida and C. acuminata could be interchanged along with other Cola species.[citation needed]
Kola nuts consist of about 2% caffeine, in addition to containing kolanin and theobromine. All three chemicals work as stimulants. You might be shocked to learn that the kola nut would be the origin of the word “cola,” and also the tree on which it grows is considered among some Nigerian tribes to be the first tree on earth. This particular nut is how the very first cola recipe obtained its caffeine kick — together with real coca leaves. No wonder individuals think it is “medicinal.” Nowadays, your typical cola recipe utilizes a man-made flavoring plus added caffeine; however, you can certainly still find real kola nuts being used in higher end sodas, in products like energy bars, and as an all-natural therapeutic remedy.
The kola nut, also termed as cola acuminate, is really a caffeine-rich nut which is indigenous to exotic Africa. In these regions, the nut is recognized as symbolic of hospitality as well as goodness. Even though almost tasteless on their own, kola nuts are frequently chewed before meals to assist encourage digestion and also to assist combat possible harmful effects from impure drinking water.
Kola nut is really a stimulant on its own, that contains 1.5% – 2% caffeine, in addition theobromine that boosts cerebral circulation. Theobromine is definitely the alkaloid substance available in chocolate and is also considered to contribute a feeling of alertness as well as well-being. This mixture of caffeine and theobromine might be a contributing factor for the moderate sense of euphoria that’s frequently reported after chewing the nuts. And also being a stimulant, kola nut might help boost oxygen levels within the blood and encourage better concentration along with a “clearing” of the head. Kola nut additionally serves to “drive” other herbs in the blood. It really is the reason why you will discover this particular ingredient utilized in Jon Barron’s tinctures — to increase the effect of the whole formula, like his Men’s Formula and Women’s Formula.
The kola nut may also be helpful to avoid as well as combat bacterial infections. Research published within the 2004 edition of “Phytotherapy Research” demonstrated that kola nut was efficient at decreasing the continuing development of members of the mycobacterium species, the bacteria liable for illnesses like meningitis and also tuberculosis. Among the earliest therapeutic uses of the kola nut is to apply it as an all natural cure for chest colds. And modern research has revealed that it is great at this regard. The kola nut assists by increasing the size of the alveolar ducts as well as sacs (small air bags within the lungs exactly where oxygen and carbon dioxide are changed with the blood), in addition to by enhancing the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue.

Health Benefits of Kola Nut

Indigenous to Africa, kola nut is utilized for hundreds of years by Africans like a chewing medicine to get energy form the caffeine present within the nuts. This really is among the fundamental components in number of soft drinks. It serves as an appetite suppressant, energizer and in addition utilized in management of digestion problems, migraine as well as morning sickness.Listed here are a few health advantages of Kola Nuts

1. Metabolism Booster
Among the distinctive effects of the kola nut, mostly because of its caffeine content, is its capability to promote the body while increasing heart rate. Although this could possibly be dangerous for individuals that have problems with pre-existing heart conditions, it may supply a required metabolic boost for all those along with slow metabolisms. This could in fact optimize heart health, as caffeine could be a health stimulant in reasonable dosages. And also this helps the metabolism optimize itself, that has a number of optimistic enzymatic as well as physiological effects on the human body.

2. Circulation
By stimulating heart rate as well as increasing circulation, kola nuts have the ability to enhance oxygenation to particular important areas of the body, including the skin, extremities, organs, and also the brain. For this reason kola nuts are occasionally known as intellectual boosters, as a higher level of oxygen within the brain have already been associated with higher levels of cognition and concentration. Kola nuts were usually ingested simply because they “cleared the mind”. This could also encourage healing of wounds as well as cellular repair throughout the increased flow of nutrients and oxygen.

3. Digestion
For hundreds of years, kola nuts have already been chewed or consumed simply by indigenous cultures in Africa both in ceremonies as well as in the management of digestive upset. The active ingredients of the kola nut have the ability to enhance digestion as well as nutrient uptake, whilst decreasing bowel problems, bloating, cramping, along with other, more severe, gastrointestinal issues.

4. Prostate Cancer
Even though a scientific study are still ongoing and is also still dependent on debate in certain circles, A few of the phytoestrogens as well as phytoandrogens present in kola nuts have the ability to encourage apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. This line of study is comparatively new, yet applications for other kinds of cancerous cells may also be being explored.

5. Immune System Health
The roots stem, and leaves of the kola tree have been discovered to have volatile compounds that may avoid particular bacterial infections within your body. These types of bacterial infections consist of those accountable for creating a number of respiratory illnesses, which includes bronchitis, meningitis, as well as tuberculosis. Kola nut extracts can be purchased in most health food stores, however the nuts themselves haven’t been directly linked to this therapeutic benefit.

6. Weight Loss Optimization
Even though caffeine has long been referred to as a hunger controller to some extent, kola nut extracts seemed to be associated with elevated fat-burning within the body, possibly because of the positive impact on the metabolism that these important nuts might have. This is often an ideal choice for those people who are attempting to lose weight of improve the quality of the diet.

7. Infections
Extracts obtained from a number of kola nuts can considerably hinder the development of the bacteria belonging to the Mycobacterium species which cause a number of diseases, which includes tuberculosis as well as meningitis, says research published in the May 2004 edition of the journal “Phytotherapy Research.” However, the anti-mycobacterial properties of kola nut haven’t been confirmed clinically and also the herb ought to be utilized only in the guidance of the skilled medical professional.

8. Nervous System Stimulation
One tablespoon of kola nut powder in the cup of black coffee can encourage and economize nervous as well as muscular energies, in accordance with Richard Alan Miller, author of the book “The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs.” Kola nut has additionally been utilized in conjunction with ephedrine to deal with long-term exhaustion syndrome. However, the University of Maryland Medical Center, on its website, warns against the use of kola nut to treat CFS due to the chance of seizures and psychosis. It is advisable to consult a doctor just before utilizing kola nut like a nervous system stimulator.

9. Energy and Bronchodilation
In accordance with recent reports, kola nut is a superb source of caffeine, theophylline as well as theobromine. Theophylliine is known to assist relax muscles and in addition dilates bronchioles in individuals who are suffering from bronchitis and asthma. Alternatively, theobromine dilates blood vessels and decreases blood pressure too. Along with lowering blood pressure level within the lungs, stimulants and caffeine in Kola nuts offer energy to individuals struggling with tiredness and long-term fatigue.

10. Reduce high blood pressure
Kola might help decrease high blood pressure levels and combat numerous harmful toxins. Additionally, it’s also utilized as a highly effective cure for rheumatism, venereal diseases, urinary tract infections, hepatitis as well as congestive heart failure.

History of Kola Nut
Human use of the kola nut, like the coffee berry as well as tea leaf, appears to have historical origins. It really is chewed in lots of West African cultures, individually or perhaps in a social setting, to revive vitality and relieve food cravings.
Kola nuts are a fundamental part of the traditional religious practice of culture and also religion in West Africa, especially Niger and Nigeria. The 1970s hit “Goro City”, by Manu Dibango, features the significance of kola nuts (known as “goro” in the Haussa language) to the capital of Niger, Niamey. Kola nuts are utilized like a religious object as well as sacred offering throughout prayers, ancestor veneration, as well as significant life events, like naming ceremonies, weddings, as well as funerals. They’re also utilized in a traditional divination system known as Obi divination. Just for this use, only kola nuts split into four lobes are appropriate. They’re cast upon a special wooden board and also the resulting patterns are read by the trained diviner.This particular historical practice is presently enjoying increased growth in the United States as well as Caribbean.[citation needed]
In the 1800s, a pharmacist in Georgia, John Pemberton, took extracts of kola and coca and mixed them with sugar, other ingredients, and carbonated water to invent the first cola soft drink. His accountant tasted it and named it “Coca-Cola”. Cocaine (not the other extracts from the Peruvian coca leaf) was prohibited from soft drinks within the U.S. after 1904, and Coca-Cola no more uses kola nor cocaine in the original recipe.

Side effects of Kola Nut
Kola nut might cause insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, and tremors. If there is any suggestion of the overdose, diarrhea, nausea, and/or cramps may follow.
Oral blisters seemed to be recognized to form.
Heavy usage of kola nut or even consuming large volumes of cola beverages has been related to bone loss in adults as well as inhibition of bone development in adolescents.
Several professionals are suggesting that teenagers need to limit consumption of soft drinks that contains cola so as to decrease their chance of osteoporosis in later life.
Kola nut shouldn’t be combined with muscle relaxants, heart medications, high blood pressure medication, nitrates as well as calcium-channel blockers.
Medical experiments show that drinks that contains cola boost the rate and degree of absorption of carbamazepine (Tegretol), a drug utilized to deal with epilepsy and a few types of bipolar disorder.
Kola nut have been reported to interact with tricyclic antidepressant medications along with MAO inhibitors.
Consuming caffeine during pregnancy may lead to low fetal weight. Due to its high caffeine as well as theobromine content, kola nuts usually are not suitable for pregnant or even nursing mothers.Generally, patients using any medicine for anxiety or even depression ought to seek advice from their physician before you take preparations that contains kola nut. It might be interesting to get any clinical information of deaths attributed to the consumers of Kola nuts in Ghana/Africa.

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