Friday 24 March 2017

One Londoner diagnosed with TB every four hours!

Today is World TB day – and while the number of cases of tuberculosis (TB) has dropped in London, London is still the TB capital of Europe.

On average, one Londoner is diagnosed with TB every four hours.[2]

Long delays before diagnosis, can lead to onward transmission to others. Less than half of people diagnosed with TB started treatment within two months (47 per cent) and almost 1 in 4 (23 %) had not started treatment 4 months after symptoms started.[3]

TB is still a significant issue in the homeless population, and this hard to reach group experiences more complex cases of TB, which are harder and more expensive to treat.

Following its report Tackling TB in Londonthe London Assembly Health Committee is reminding people to watch out for the symptoms of TB.

Dr. Onkar Sahota AM, Chair of the Health Committee, said:

It is astounding that London is still the TB capital of Europe and on World TB Day it is more important than ever that we highlight the disease, its symptoms and where people can seek help.

The Mayor of London is well placed to drive forward measures for TB prevention across London, as well as better access to treatment. This is a major health inequality, as we know TB disproportionately affects prisoners, homeless people and people with substance abuse issues. Unfortunately, high-quality TB care services are not universally available to all Londoners.

spite a drop in cases in 2015, one Londoner is diagnosed with TB every four hours. There is no room for complacency, especially when services face budgetary pressures.”

TB can affect anybody and it is curable. If you have the following symptoms: a cough for 3 weeks, weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, tiredness and night sweats please talk to your GP immediately.
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