Thursday 16 March 2017

8 Health Benefits of Dates

You are looking for a super healthy food. We have something for you. Try dates. Their healthy properties will relieve you from many health problems including strokes, hypertension or cholesterol.
It is because they are rich in nutrients that will boost your metabolism. Here you will find out why they are healthy and good to be included in our daily menu.

8 Health Benefits of Dates

1. Loaded in Iron

Iron is especially useful for those with anemia, pregnant women or children. It is enough to eat 100g dates which have 0.90 mg iron. This is 11% of the recommended dose on a daily basis. It is iron that cares about the red blood cells and hemoglobin, providing a better flow of oxygen to the blood.

2. Prevent Diarrhea

The potassium is an important mineral that prevents diarrhea by soothing the intestines and belly flora, triggering more healthy bacteria.

3. Relieve Constipation

The soothing properties of dates can relieve constipation and diarrhea. For that reason, put some dates in water for the whole night and in the morning drink their juice in order to speed up good digestion. It would have a mild and laxative effects.

4. Balance body weight

Eat dates on an empty stomach to stop excess fat issue. They will help you balance your weight because they have 0 cholesterol, but the level of sugar is there, so be careful.

5. Regulate cholesterol

Dates regulate the LDL or so-called bad cholesterol by cleaning the blood vessels and preventing any blood clots.

6. Strengthen the Heart

Soak the dates in water during the night. In the morning strain them and remove the seeds. You can further blend and eat the seeds.

7. Regulate Blood Pressure

Those who suffer from hypertension should consume dates a lot because they have 0 sodium and are rich in potassium. Only 5-6 dates have even 80mg magnesium, a mineral that spreads the blood vessels and improve the blood flow. About 370 mg of magnesium will lower the blood pressure.

8. Prevent Stroke

As we mentioned before, the high level of potassium improves the nervous system and prevents any strokes. So, if your potassium intake is 400mg daily, you do not have any need to worry.

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