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How To Build A Strong Immune System To Keep Invaders Out?

Build a Strong Immune System

The immune system is comprised of unique cells and chemicals that help the body fight against infections (or invaders if you will). It is divided into two parts i.e. the innate system and the immunity. The former is the one you are born with while the latter develops as you grow. The immunity has a special ability to actually recognize and memorize the specific microbe (germ/virus/bacteria) you come across so that your body will know what to do next time the same microbe attacks your immune system. This article will give you tips and information on how you can best develop a strong immune system.

How the Immune System Operates?

The human body has many different functions and these are supported by a number of cells and chemicals. The immune system is also formed by different smaller systems which all support the same function – defend the body against external attacks. The lymphatic system forms the major part of the immune system and it is made up different components and organs which include the lymph nodes, lymphocytes and the spleen. It also contains an important organ called the thymus.
Immune System Operates

The Lymph Nodes

Theycontain Band T cells which are known for being able to recognize bacteria and pathogens that may have gained access to your lymph through the bloodstream.


Lymphocytes form part of the immune system cells. The B-lymphocytes are the ones that try to identify the microbe which enters your system. If this particular microbe had at some point been defeated, these cells will know which antibodies they need to produce in order to kill it. There are also many different T-lymphocytes that exist with different functions. We have helper cells that help the B-lymphocytes in the production of antibodies. There are killer cells that attack infection and there are also suppressor cells that assist in stopping the immune system’s response.

The Spleen

This is the biggest part of the lymphatic tissue found in your body. It is situated on the left side of your body near your rib cage. The spleen assists in filtering the blood through the use of white pulp – the specialized tissue which contains white blood cells that respond to infections.

The Thymus

This organ is situated in front of your trachea – or better known as the windpipe. Its main function is to train white blood to be able to differentiate between your own cells and the invaders so that your body does not start attacking itself.
All these cells and organs help your body become efficient in the process of fighting off infections but what happens when your body fails you? Certain disorders of the immune system which include HIV/AIDS, cancers such as lymphoma and allergies, exist and they can negatively impact the processes of the immune system. There are ways in which you can actively assist your immune system to perform optimally.

Ways to Build a Strong Immune System

Immune System Info

Even though the body is already equipped with ways of defending itself against infections, you can also participate in this process by controlling your lifestyle and your diet. Immunization is one way of going about building a strong immune system. This is basically getting vaccine for different diseases by injecting a specially treated virus in the body so that the body produces the antibodies to fight it off. When you now get exposed to the actual virus, it will not make you sick. Here are some foods you can eat in order to have a strong immune system:
  • Citrus fruits – Provide you with vitamin c which increases* the production of white blood cells. A report from an online library on the effect of vitamin C to a cold duration states: In adults it was reduced* by 8%, children by 14% and children that took one to two grams of vitamin C by 18%.
  • Garlic – Helps fight infections as it contains allicin i.e. a compound that contains sulfur.
  • Ginger – Has gingerol which contains some heat that may help prevent a cold.
  • Spinach – Has many antioxidants that assist in fighting off infections.
  • Poultry – Contains a lot of vitamin B-6 which helps in forming the red blood cells.
  • Red bell peppers – Contain twice as much vitamin C compared to citrus fruits and they also have beta carotene. This helps in maintaining healthy skin and eyes.
There are also lifestyle choices you can adopt:
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Keep a healthy weight.
  • Exercise frequently.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Drink alcohol moderately – if you drink.
  • Keep your blood pressure under control.


The immune system has a very important function of protecting your body from invaders such as germs, bacteria, virus and so forth. It has processes that help produce antibodies that will fight off infections and not only that but it memorizes each microbe so that in future it will fight it off easily. You can assist your body by leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet. Being pro-active is the key, so avoid getting infections by doing all this before you get sick.



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