Wednesday 6 March 2019

Vaccine revenues set to soar after anti-vax clampdown!

Vaccine revenues set to soar after anti-vax clampdown image

The clampdown on 'anti-vaxxing' stories on social media is producing one big winner: Big Pharma. Revenues from vaccines will enjoy "an overwhelming hike" in the next few years, say industry watchers.
Market research group HTF MI said the revenues from the MMR vaccine will see "the hike" by 2025, and other research firms have also been forecasting big revenue increases for the global market for all vaccines.
Market research group Research & Markets estimates revenues for all vaccines will increase to $57.5bn by 2025, compared to just $33.7bn last year. Another market research group, Transparency, is forecasting vaccine sales revenues will reach $48bn by 2025.
Government initiatives that are promoting vaccines—and silencing the anti-vaxxers—is one of the big drivers of the increase.
Although North America will remain the largest market for vaccines—where it is compulsory in most states and others are dramatically restricting the type of exemptions—the biggest growth will be in the Asia Pacific region, which has witnessed an increase in cases of TB (tuberculosis), malaria and dengue fever.
But the global market is also being bolstered by pro-vaccine government initiatives. "This strategy has immense potential to increase patient acceptability and also increase the rates of immunization," the Transparency report says.

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