Saturday 2 March 2019

Underground music gives this group fitness program a hyped-up beat!

D-SKO Fitness comes to the Campus Martius Park area in Detroit.

Corey Sims of Canton has turned his skills as a personal trainer, boot camp instructor, rapper, kick-boxer and DJ into a growing business aimed at getting metro Detroit in shape.
For his next big gig, Sims is promising an "unforgettable" evening where underground music meets group fitness — all in a darkened room with club lighting, hyped-up bumping beats and repeat dance moves intended to transform what could be a boring workout into an exciting, motivating experience.
Sims, owner of Canton-based D-SKO Fitness, is ready to pump up the volume and fitness moves for as many as 200 people when he brings his "fitness concert" to Bodies By Wade, 34580 Ford Road, in Westland's Wildwood Plaza. He's rolling out a free session starting at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 6, for a crowd ages 12 and older.
"It's a little bit of a game-changer for us," Sims said, adding that most previous fitness concerts have catered to adults.
Back to that name, though. What is D-SKO?
Sims is from Detroit, hence the "D" and a version of the hometown sports Old English "D" he has altered for his own version. The business name is a play on the word "disco" — it's a dance moves-based exercise, after all — but it's pronounced "Dee-scoe" to put he emphasis on "D."
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Sims said D-SKO is an acronym for "Detroit Style Kept Original," though his wife Erika, who lends her talents to the company's artistry and promotion, encourages everyone to “Do Some Kind Of Fitness."

D-SKO founder Corey Sims performs at one of his fitness events.

Rolling his past fitness club jobs into a new concept, Sims taught himself to mix and pre-record his own DJ set. He combines what he calls underground music with group fitness in a unique setting. He uses hip-hop music with flourishes of Detroit's electronic sounds, songs "you don't hear on the radio." He mixes it ahead of shows so he can better interact with the crowd.
"It combines a concert-type feel with group fitness," he said.
Sims has orchestrated dozens of similar gigs — including "pop-up" classes — for organizations such as Healthy Moves/Opportunity Detroit, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority's suicide-prevention program at Ford Field and Wayne County Department of Health's Fun Fest, among others.
His D-SKO Fitness approach has caught on as a franchise. He has taught others who took his concept to places in Connecticut, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois — even England.
Sims' event at Bodies By Wade is billed as a kickoff that is expected to continue for several other weeks on Sundays. Though the first event is free, subsequent ones are $8 each.
Sims hopes the right music, the right moves and the right atmosphere can become a catalyst for bringing families together to have fun, be active and get healthier.

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