Monday 11 March 2019

Fitness: The 3 Hottest Trends To Fire Up Your Workout

Are you excited about the year ahead? There are so many fitness trends to try! Last year, we saw cross training styles based on functional exercises gain momentum. Athletic Body Conditioning – a combination of body weight training, weightlifting, and choreographed movements using simple equipment – was also quite popular.
So what exercise trends will this year bring?

1. Fitness At Your Fingertips

Innovation is the key in the technology world, and health applications are the path of the future for 2019 and beyond.
This year, we will be seeing a wider range of fitness apps. Many of them will be goal-specific, rather than just tracking your performance.
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These apps will also focus on essential yet overlooked parts of a training routine, such as recovery. Recovery is important because it allows for the body to adapt to the stresses of exercise. It also allows muscles to repair, rebuild, and strengthen.
Don’t be fooled into thinking these apps are just a whim. According to a study published in the Journal of Internet Research, the use of exercise apps is associated with increased levels of physical activity and improved health outcomes.

2. Fitness Communities For Everyone

Being part of a fitness-focused community goes a long way. It can make you feel more committed to your training goals, and more enthusiastic about it too. Social support, guidance, and encouragement are key elements to lead a fit life.
In 2019, it will be much easier to track the accomplishments of your fitness community. To some extent, we can thank wearables for that.
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Fitness wearable products enable data to be exchanged between a network and the device. Therefore, you can share statistics like burned calories, steps taken and kilometers you’ve ran.
Plus, being able to share your fitness progress is a great way to stay accountable and motivated.

3. Combined Exercises For Better Results

The fusion of blended fitness formats will continue well into 2019. As instructors and fitness club owners strive to get people excited and engaged, we will see combo classes rising in popularity.
Common fitness trends will include strength training mixed with cardio, stretching with cycling, and Pilates with athletic conditioning, just to name a few.
Different types of workouts produce different results. There are four main kinds of training and they can each be used to maximize your fitness;
  • Aerobic exercise – Running, swimming or dancing. These are the kind of activities that work your cardiovascular system.
  • Strength exercise – Weightlifting, push-ups, and crunches. This sort of training works your muscles by using resistance.
  • Balance exercise – Yoga, tai chi and pilates. Especially important for older adults, these exercises can help to reduce injury risk. If you suffer some form of muscle injury, such as an ankle sprain, you’ll need to retrain your balance in order to avoid re-injury.
  • Flexibility exercise – There are two types: static stretching and dynamic stretching. Both of these two exercises can improve the range of motion at your joints, thus preventing injuries.
This year, make sure to plan ahead and make time in your schedule to get involved in whatever fitness trend excites you the most. Remember that commitment to a fit lifestyle begins by enjoying your training, so keep it fun!
This article was written by Samantha Clayton ( Vice President of Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness at Herbalife Nutrition).
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