Monday 19 September 2016

2 Natural Ingredients Can Get Rid Of Knee Pain Permanently!

You have made plans with your friends to go on a hike this weekend, however, you start to experience a bad knee pain and you have no choice but to cancel! It can be quite frustrating, right? Well, joint pain, particular in the knees can be extremely painful and also hamper many of your daily activities. Joint pain can affect people of any age and gender, however, it is more commonly seen in older people.

natural remedy for knee pain
Joint pain or knee pain can can be caused by various reasons like inflammation of the joint, injuries, obesity, osteoporosis, surgeries, etc. Also, as we grow older, out muscles and joints get weaker, causing inflammation and knee pain. In the case of people suffering from obesity, knee pain is common, as the weight of their upper body applies excess pressure on the knees, making the knee joint weaker. Many people resort to taking painkillers in order to find relief from knee pain, however, painkillers can be extremely harmful for your system in the long run. 
 So, here is a homemade remedy for knee pain, made using 2 natural ingredients, have a look.
natural remedy for knee pain
 Natural remedy for knee pain Recipe To Prepare The Natural Remedy 
Ingredients Required : 
 Lemon - 2
 Sesame Oil - 1 tablespoon 
This natural remedy for knee pain can prove to be very effective and can help eliminate the pain symptoms permanent, when used on a regular basis. The home remedy for knee pain is designed to reduce pain by getting rid of the inflammation around your knees naturally and also by improving the blood flow to the region. Also, this natural remedy made from lemon and sesame oil contain minerals and antioxidants that can strengthen your bones and muscles to prevent knee pain in the future. natural remedy for knee pain 
 Method To Prepare And Use The Remedy 
Place a few cut pieces of lemon in a cotton cloth. 
Heat the sesame oil, and dip the cotton cloth and lemons in the oil. 
Now, tie the cotton cloth around your knees, with the lemon pieces on your knees. 
Leave it on for about 10 minutes. 
Repeat the procedure 2 times a day

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