Monday 12 September 2016

The Cost of Cardio: Exercise More, Spend Less!

In a recent study by The Journal of the American Heart Association, a direct link has been shown between the amount of money spent on medical costs and how much a person exercises. The study compared the cost of health expenditures for someone who is moderately active for 30 minutes a day, five days week to someone who wasn't. 

We bet you could guess who came out on the losing side of this equation.

In all three of the models, the expenditures for an active person were several thousand dollars less then someone who didn’t reach the appropriate amount of exercise. The average annual expenditure was $2,328 for the healthy individual compared to $5,475, assuming individuals didn’t have cardiovascular disease.
Is that gym membership starting to look worth it? The main difference in cost came from the presence of cardiovascular disease, which is not just expensive to live with, but life threatening as well.

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