Thursday 29 September 2016

Rollercoasters could help pass kidney stones!

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It has been tested on Disney's Big Thunder Mountain

It's been reported that patients with kidney stones are finding relief in riding rollercoasters.

Dr. David Wartinger, a professor emeritus at Michigan State, conducted a scientific study after hearing that his patients passed kidney stones while on vacation at amusement parks.

This kind of vibratory, bouncing around activity is known to be helpful among urologists, but it's never been studied he said.

The research team created a model of a kidney using a 3D printer. They then filled it with three different size kidney stones and real urine.

They then took it to Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain ride in the Magic Kingdom.

The rollercoaster helped to move the stones around with the best results reported when sitting at the back of the ride, with a passage rate of 64%.

When sitting in the front seats the passage rate was only 17%.

Even better news is that this particular rollercoaster rates around five out of 10 on a scale of scary rollercoasters which means that those suffering from kidney stones don't have to brave the most terrifying rides to get rid of them.

The researchers also tried one of the park's more gentle rides but no stones passed on this one.

Wartinger said that more studies need to be made using real patients but he says the results are promising and support the osteopathic philosophy of medicine which emphasises prevention and the body's natural ability to heal.


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