Tuesday 27 September 2016

Back To The Basics: The Bent Press!

Get Bent: The bent press is one old trick that’s worth bringing back into style.
It’s amazing to think that Arthur Saxon, Eugen Sandow, and other 19th-century strongmen performed feats that practically no one who lifts weights can do today. That’s a shame, because those old-timey lifts not only looked cool, but they also challenged the entire body. Start a trend to bring them back with the bent press. Start by holding a dumbbell or a kettlebell with your right hand at shoulder level. Twist your body so you feel your lat engage, supporting the weight. Your forearm should be vertical. Now bend your torso toward the floor, allowing your arm to straighten. Keep your lower back flat, then come back up. Keep your eyes on the weight the whole time.

Make it perfect: Perform bent presses for three to five sets of 3–5 reps on each side. You can practice it up to three days per week.

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