Monday 26 September 2016

This Ingenious Workout Hack Will Inspire Exercise Every Single Damn Day!

A little bit of exercise really does go a long way. So, even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes here and there, if you do a few intense and effective moves, you'll notice a difference.

Here's a fun way to ensure those short little workouts happen. Grab a whiteboard and hang it in a place you walk by every day, like your living room or next to the TV. Write down five to 10 basic moves — I did bodyweight moves, but you can also do ones using dumbbells, a kettlebell, a TRX, an exercise ball, or a resistance band. Keep these the same, or change them up every few days to prevent boredom. Put the numbers one through three in front of each exercise — do these in permanent marker to save yourself time later. Every time you complete one set of each, cross off the number.
Complete the moves when you can, but just aim to cross everything off by the time you hop into bed. Maybe you only have time to fit in one set of each of the five moves. So, do them three times a day. Or, you have 15 minutes while your veg roasts for dinner and you want to pick and choose a few sets of each. Or, maybe you want to do them all at once while watching some late-night TV. The goal here is to get moving a little each day — just think of how accomplished you'll feel once everything is crossed off!

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