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How to mix beets and celery to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure medication has varying negative side effects. Living with high blood pressure is bad enough, but now there can be digestive issues, respiratory problems, fatigue and other uncomfortable issues that need to be addressed. (1)
Spill out those pharmaceutical pills and heal yourself naturally, with no side effects except improved overall health. You will be astounded and ecstatic about the change. It all begins with one vegetable.

Celery: The Healer of High Blood Pressure

Celery has three attributes that promote healthy blood pressure:
  1. 3-n-butylphthalide (NBP)
  2. Apigenin (plant-based antioxidant)
  3. Omega-6 fatty acids
  4. Potassium
  5. Phthalides
Dr. Michael Murray writes in his book How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine, NBP acts like a calcium channel blocker to dilate arteries and relax blood vessels. (2)
Apigenin protects the body against cell damage, prevents blood clots, and decreases inflammation in the arteries. (3)
Omega-6 fatty acids, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, can help protect the body against hypertension, or high blood pressure. (4)
Potassium is an essential factor to trigger your heartbeat and regulate blood pressure levels. With its minimal yet significant amount of potassium, celery can stabilize fluid levels in the body. (5)  
Phthalides act as a diuretic to rid the body of its excess salt levels that can dangerously heighten blood pressure. (6)

Other Benefits of Celery

If you are not yet convinced of the incredible attributes of celery, here are eight more reasons to grab a stalk and start chomping right now!
  1. Lowers cholesterol (7)
  2. Relaxes and soothes muscles (8)
  3. Contains the good soluble fiber (9)
  4. Calms the gastrointestinal tract (10)
  5. Prevents constipation (11)
  6. Fights cancer (12)
  7. Prevent dementia (13) 
  8. Pain-relief from gout and arthritis (14)
Celery is one most underestimated vegetables, but now we know the truth of it’s healing properties.

How Much?

There are two recommended ways one can use celery to lower blood pressure and access it’s other benefits every day. (15)
  1. Eat eight ribs of celery daily
  2. Take: a) celery seed extract that is standardized to have 85% 3nB, and b) celery phthalides at the dosage of 75 to 150 mg. Consume these twice daily.

Recipe for Blood Pressure Lowering Juice

The time has come to take action! Bring out your trusty juicer and let’s make a toast to naturally healing your body!
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 beet
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1 lemon
Juice all of the ingredients and enjoy! (16)

Curing high blood pressure never tasted so good.

*This method is more suitable to those with mild hypertension. If your case is severe, consult your medical practitioner before trying new approaches to healing.
**Do not stop taking blood pressure medication without doctor’s consent. Talk to your doctor about adopting a more natural approach to curing you.


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