Monday 5 September 2016

Secrets of fitness experts revealed!

Ever wonder how you can achieve that dream body? It’s actually simple, according to fitness experts. The key to staying fit is to keep food and exercise balanced.
Fitness and wellness experts come together at this year’s Philippine Fitness and Wellness Expo in the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Manila September 3, 2016.
The event also culminated other sports activities like basketball, karate, and arnis which were attended by athletes and sports enthusiasts from around the world and the Philippines.

Celebrity athlete Gemmalyn Crosby (

Celebrity athlete Gemmalyn Crosby shares how she maintains her 17-inch waistline as well as a fit and toned body by keenly watching what she eats.
“Our body works like a car. Di ba ‘pag car, nilalagyan siya ng gas. Yung isang car, unleaded, so yung nilagay mo diesel po. So, kapag mali yung nilagay mong gas, diba yung car masisira. It’s the same po yung katawan natin na mag-function. We need real nutrition.”
Crosby emphasized that we should consume food that our body needs, like healthy carbohydrates from rice, protein from fish and chicken, and also fruits and vegetables.
“We owe it to ourselves, yung kinakain natin.” She adds, “I believe in the power of nutrition, kasi kailangan natin yan to function in the right way.”
For those who want to maintain a nice figure, bodybuilder superstar Joseph Fernandez suggests building up the muscle system. Fernandez eats one cup of rice every day. However, he says, regardless of how many cups of rice one eats, it’s okay as long as this gets burned during workout.
He also consumes sweet potato throughout the day, takes saba banana every hour, as well as fresh pineapple.
Spanish football player Joaquin CaƱas reiterates that working out is a more than just a routine, but is actually a lifestyle. Being in shape entails an active lifestyle.
For busy and working moms out there, physical therapist and Mrs. Philippines Globe Classic Genevieve Corneta does not maintain a strict diet, but a healthy one.
As a mother of six, Corneta warns busy people that it is not safe to work out when sleep is not enough.“It’s not advisable because you’ve already depleted your energy. It’s better to go home, drink water, and sleep.”
Corneta told the Manila Bulletin that antioxidants are “really important” to stay fit. Power foods like strawberries and blueberries are also good sources of antioxidants.
It is one of her secrets to staying fit as a working mother. She also abstains from soda drinks and other sugary beverages.
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